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Mobile-friendly sites have become more than a ‘nice-to-have’, but crucial for return on investment

It’s hard to ignore the shift in people using mobile phones to search – in the office, on the street, and even in cinemas. In fact according to Google, over 50% of search traffic globally came from mobiles last year. So, how can you make most of this behaviour in 2017? Read on to find out.

Google describes the shift in mobile searches as one that helps users craft ‘micro-moments’. These are snippets that customers use to help them decide whether to make a purchase.

As a result, mobile-friendly sites have become more than a ‘nice-to-have’, but crucial for return on investment. But what else can you do to nab those mobile leads? For many businesses, a mobile SEM strategy will be a game-changer in the new year.

What is a mobile SEM strategy?

This is an SEM strategy unique to mobile devices, that can help you ensure you’re being seen and heard in the hot property arena that is mobile traffic.

Why do I need one?

It’s no secret that people use mobile phones differently to desktop computers. On mobile, your customers are generally concerned with getting quick information, rather than conducting thorough research.

This is why it’s important to appear somewhere in the top 4 positions – which is what a mobile SEM strategy can help you with.

Where do I start?

Mobile bid adjustments can form the base of your mobile SEM strategy. If you’re a locksmith, plumber or call-out tradie, you can use this technology to appear on mobile devices only. That way, you’re more likely to target those in an emergency on mobile.

Call Extensions are also vital for any mobile strategy. You will want to ensure these, along with your other Ad Extensions (like Sitelinks and Call Out Extensions) are set up for users on mobile.

For example, you wouldn’t include a Sitelink to a brochure page or a step-by-step guide on mobile, as users searching with hand-held devices generally won’t have the time to read these.

To prioritise Ad Extensions on mobile devices, just tick ‘Mobile’ in the Device Preference setting when setting up your extension.

How can I keep it up?

As Pay Per Click advertising is now more competitive than ever, it’s important to keep challenging yourself. Think ‘mobile’ consistently in 2017, and use this train of thought to make small changes to your ad copies, ad extensions and bidding throughout the year. If you’re ever unsure, our expert team can help.

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Brett Rojo is a Digital Marketing Specialist in Sensis Search Ads.

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