It’s time to unleash the true potential of your mobile device with apps that can slice your workload in half.

It’s time to unleash the true potential of your mobile device with apps that can slice your workload in half and really enhance the way you and your employees work.

From email applications, such as Mailbox and Dispatch, to the smartly designed and incredibly useful calendar and to-do list apps available, the sheer amount of available options might seem overwhelming.

Although if you’re keen to boost productivity, here are five to get you started:

1. Mailbox

This email app has proved so popular that some smartphone users are replacing their built-in email applications with it. The app helps you easily tackle your emails – swiping messages into folders, your archive or trash and snoozing emails for you to read later.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, it is also possible to add up to 10 Gmail, Google Apps or iCloud accounts, and the apps popularity was cemented when it sealed a deal with Dropbox last year. Another handy email app is Dispatch. It’s similar to Mailbox, with a few additional features thanks to close integration with apps like Chrome, Pocket, Evernote and Skype, which all combine to make it quick and very versatile.

2. Todoist

This to-do list and task manager app is particularly useful when it comes to big, multi-faceted projects – it can be accessed from up to 13 platforms or devices thanks to real-time data synchronisation and it’s easy to collaborate with family, friends and colleagues. 

The intuitive and streamlined design assigns tasks with various colours according to their priority and offers charts and graphs to help you visualise your productivity. 


With the calendar app up and running, mail and memo functions are in development to complete this family of apps designed to help you have a ‘good day, every day’. “I don’t like to think of as an app, but rather a morning ritual,” says content marketing manager Carly Stec. 

She maintains that, while the app might just seem like a to-do list, it’s much, much more. With a sleek and simple interface the calendar app helps you manage both your personal and professional life – you can schedule tasks into four categories (today, tomorrow, upcoming and the rather fun classification ‘someday’ – who doesn’t love planning a holiday to the Maldives in between scheduling blog posts?) and add in notes and contacts. You can even add a location and the app will map out a route for you.

4. Asana

Created by one of Facebook’s founders and billed as a task management tool, this app is great for collaborative or team projects due to its real-time interaction. Users can create tasks, assign them to team members, set due dates, add notes, attach files, create internal checklists, and communicate with others through comments. 

“Once tasks are created, you can group them into projects, and invite team members so that they can brainstorm, assign subtasks, and work toward accomplishing their goals … the thing that makes Asana the perfect tool for marketers is its ability to present conversations and projects side-by-side, eliminating the hassle of scattered emails and missed messages,” says Stec.

5. Jelly

These days you can type practically any question into Google and get an answer, but sometimes certain questions just don’t translate that well – Jelly is your solution. It’s a social Q&A app created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, giving you the option to query your social network contacts and vice versa. What’s pretty innovative is the option to use pictures to ask a question – say you see a new bicycle model, simply take a picture, post it and ask: “Who makes this kind of bike and where can I get one?” The answers should come rolling in.

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