Successful companies understand how to create, publish and amplify their content effectively in today’s digital age.

This is why successful companies understand how to create, publish and amplify their content effectively in today’s digital age.

We still turn to traditional mediums for our information, but we increasingly look at social media, videos and podcasts to find out what is going on in the world around us.

And we’re especially happy to get information from a brand if we trust that source of information, explains social media and content marketing specialist Trevor Young (aka The PR Warrior).

Speaking at a recent SmartCompany and Small Business Victoria webinar, here are Young’s strategies if you want to improve your content marketing.

Three trends to tune into

1.      Standing out in a noisy marketplace Potential customers are bombarded with information, making it difficult to hold their attention. Businesses must earn their favour and avoid self-serving promotional messaging with the potential to turn people off.

2.      Using expert information gatherers Consumers are becoming skillful hunters and gatherers of information, sourcing information relevant to their needs from blogs, podcasts, YouTube, social media and brands.

3.      Embracing the emergence of new media The barriers to entry have come crashing down. Now we all have instant access to publishing platforms, social media and other technology to reach out to customers.

Establish your marketing aims

After understanding and utilising these trends, you then want to identify the purpose of your content marketing, says Young. “People don’t just buy what you do, but why do you do it.” Which of these aims resonates with you? I intend to:

  • Grow my professional profile and influence
  • Establish myself as an authority
  • Help customers and provide support
  • Increase leads and sales
  • Build awareness of my products, services and business culture and philosophy

As well as your bigger picture objectives from a reputational standpoint, Young says you also need to identify your specific end goals.

Do you want to double your email list, increase qualified new business leads by a percentage, or boost sales by a certain amount?

Know what you want to say and who you want to say it to

Knowing your audience means you can be consistent with the content you produce. When it comes to creating great content that speaks to your potential purchasers, you can get started by picking three archetypical customers you want to reach. Give them names, have photos for them, but dig deeper into their pain points and concerns.

“Find your sweet spot. What are the issues people want answered, and what does your audience care about? For some businesses, part of their goal might be to be seen as knowledgeable or opinion leaders to get people to change the way they think.”

In that case, you might want to provoke them. That’s essentially overlaying utility-based, educative content with authority.

Just look at top marketing guru Seth Godin and his many nuggets of wisdom, says Young: “He doesn’t appease anyone, he’s really poking you in the eye!”

Continually measure and evolve

You don’t want to go on a wild goose chase and measure everything that you technically can measure, says Young. 

The hard-to-measures that need looking at include brand awareness, your level of influence, customer loyalty, media opportunities and community advocacy of your business, he says.

Secondly, you need to measure your content performance by looking at different metrics. Examine web traffic, subscribers, social shares, followers and ‘likes’, downloads and comments on your latest eBook/whitepaper/report, and the number of readers, viewers or listeners you have.

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