It’s critical to choose the right social media platform for your brand and the kind of content you produce from the start.

With so many social media networks out there, choosing the ones you want to use for your business can be tricky.

To help you understand their uses and estimate their effectiveness, Weddingbuzz cofounder and managing director Phil Usher has provided a snapshot of each popular site. 

Weddingbuzz is an online platform that assists couples with planning and booking their weddings online. The team place the most value on Instagram as the best way of connecting with their audience, considering the highly visual and emotional nature of the wedding industry, according to Usher.

“Most brides spend more time planning their wedding than they do any other aspect of their life. With an effective #hashtag strategy we can connect with a bigger audience on a global scale. That coverage just isn’t available on other platforms unless you pay for advertising.”

It’s critical to choose the right social media platform for your brand and the kind of content you produce from the start:


For your new customers, Facebook acts as a confirmation tool allowing you to showcase that you have supporters. It can also act as an effective customer management tool where you can capture feedback and respond to questions. Additionally, it’s a place where people go to be entertained – so engage them with relevant content.


One of the best uses for Twitter is to connect with a celebrity that’s aligned with your brand. Through a single tweet, Weddingbuzz managed to score a partnership meeting with Australian female boxing champion Lauryn Eagle for some great exposure. Usher recommends companies be bold and think big when it comes to the online space. If you own a local café and you hear that a celebrity is coming to town, consider tweeting them and offering a free burger and fries if they dropped by.


This platform helps businesses connect with customers on an emotional level. Instagram is a positive environment and almost operates in a utopia where bad things never happen. A good #hashtag strategy will give you more love but following other people will get you more followers. Research your competitors’ posts and see what gets the most engagement – then post something similar.

After you decide on the best platform(s), you want to post effectively with interesting content, says Usher: 

Narrow down who is in your target market

Don’t limit this to just age or location. Think about a customer’s behaviour, the things they love and what they fear. 

For us, we know brides are generally women aged between 24-35 and love being inspired by beautiful things, they have a specific interest that needs to be fulfilled and are interested in their health and fitness. Our content is based around these core elements.

Connect with people on an emotional level

Think of the emotional outcome your product or service gives your customer. For Weddingbuzz, it’s about posting something that the bride can include in their wedding, so we showcase shoes, dresses or jewellery that might inspire the bride.

Be real and authentic

People connect with people, not businesses. Don’t be reluctant to include a personal post that allows your audience to see you on their level.


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