If you want to stay competitive, SEO needs to be high on your list of priorities when it comes to your website.

Business websites that are highly ranked within search engine results are more likely to find prospective customers clicking through to find out more about their products or services, as opposed to those business websites that appear lower down or on subsequent pages.

So if you want to stay competitive, SEO needs to be high on your list of priorities when it comes to website management. And while there might be some fundamentals underpinning the decisions you make around your content, a successful digital media strategy should never be a static document that you rely on forever.

Brisbane Kids owner and editor Ngaire Stirling suggests web-based businesses should focus their SEO strategy on content that’s specific to your offering.

The child-friendly event site, attracting 200,000 unique views a month, drives traffic through amplification of content, active keyword research and competitor analysis.

In order to maximise the life and reach of each article, Stirling makes sure the information is useful, relevant and aligned with the brand message.

“Our search strategy has always been keeping very specific to our niche, ensuring the content is always full of quality, useful information. We make [content] easy to read, and in turn, it makes it easy for Google to read our headings, our website code, our images – it’s all very simple but effective.”

The only real certainty when it comes to search engines is that algorithms change all the time. The more useful the content is, the more ‘real’ backlinks you get and the more resilient your site will be when faced with algorithm alterations.

The company also reviews organic traffic that has come to the site via content it has posted in order to gain an understanding of how search engines, such as Google, position them.

However, it’s often several weeks after publishing that they can see how well particular content has performed, and then another year to see how and if amplification is helping traffic.

Stirling also believes that, as a business owner, there is value in looking at SEO case studies outlining what other companies are doing, as well as locating SEO experts and leaders within your field. Subscribe to their updates and rely on them to deliver you the changes as they happen so you can take immediate action and keep yourself informed.

“But be wary of SEO companies promising page one [ranking] within a month. Look for those who under-promise because they will be the ones that over-deliver.”

Employing a professional copywriter with knowledge of SEO to increase the quality of your website, the bounce rate and likelihood of conversion can also be a handy solution.

It’s a long-term process that should be reviewed regularly, but if you build quality content consistently and quietly your traffic will grow in the same manner.


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