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"Make sure your content cuts through the clutter. It needs to be unique and of high quality"

“Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about implementing techniques with the intention of driving greater numbers of free traffic from search engines,” says Karis Confos, the founder and director of Skybid – a travel auction startup that allows consumers to bid for seats on flights.

“Although some say that the benefits of SEO are increased traffic, exposure, growth, improved conversion rates and improved brand awareness, the reality is that the benefits of SEO is creating a better user experience and building a better, more sustainable business,” says Confos.

And while an SEO strategy can help potential customers and users who are looking for you to find your website, and help others who aren’t looking for you to stumble across you, businesses have to be aware that tactics such as back-linking and keyword-stuffing can result in Google identifying your website and burying it in the search results.

“Delivering five-star user interactions with your brand, product or service will have a knock-on effect to those other benefits such as growth and improved conversion rates,” says Confos, who shares tools and techniques to increase your website’s visibility:

Find an SEO expert “The rules of the game are always changing and you want to make sure you’re on Google’s good side. “You don’t have to employ a full-time SEO expert, but get creative in how you go about accessing their knowledge,” says Confos. 

Utilise social media If you aren’t already conversing and connecting across a few social networks, now’s the time to kick-start your online presence. And remember, the better your social media pages the higher the chances are of a search engine finding your site and ranking it highly.

Carry out research Research keywords that are relevant to you but also look at what tools your competitors are using online. It’s reckless to neglect this kind of research, says Confos. “Google’s keyword tool is extremely helpful, and before you know it you’ll have pages of scribbled words with search volume numbers next to them.

“The best words aren’t always the words with the highest search volumes so keep your eye out for words that are searched less frequently but still sizeable with a low cost.”

Focus on quality Make sure your content cuts through the clutter. It needs to be unique and of high quality, says Confos. “These two elements alone will contribute to the user experience. Combine that with relevance and trust, and your content is on its way to being fast-tracked to deliver better SEO results.”

Don’t break the rules “If you don’t know what the rules are, find somebody who does, and then make sure they don’t break the rules!” If you’re being guaranteed first page search engine results, keep walking, because that expert is probably breaking the rules themselves and before you know it you won’t be on any pages, says Confos.

Always be consistent “SEO isn’t a quick fix and it’s not about instant gratification… Results will take time so remain patient and stick with your (sometimes revised) strategy for a time before expecting to see results.”

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