Think about where your target audience hangs out on the internet and try and get your content there.

Investing time in creating vibrant website content is important for any business’ website – you only have limited time to capture your audience’s interest. You also need to be careful – your content can be interpreted as a direct reflection on your business and you don’t want to make a bad first impression.

“While there are various SEO, branding and positioning reasons for creating great content for your website, the most important reason is that it adds value for your customers,” says CEO Prashan Paramanathan.

In’s first 19 months, the crowdfunding platform helped over 800 organisations in the US, UK and Australia raise more than $3 million for social cause projects.

“When we started, there were very few content that stepped social cause organisations through the process of crowdfunding. The content was either targeted at a different audience, or it wasn’t actionable,” says Paramanathan.

“We focused on creating rich content, with easy, actionable plans for crowdfunding success. This made it easier for our campaigners to run campaigns, which meant that they raised more money on - a win-win for all involved,” he says.

While traditional advertising yells at potential customers, great content marketing engages with customers to create meaningful connections.

“We stick to our brand’s tone when creating all of our content, which is casual, friendly and fun,” says Paramanathan.

“Different audiences need different tones, but the important thing is to stay true to the brand you’re creating - if your product was a person, how would it talk?”

Interviews, instructive webinars, news articles, white papers, blog posts or tip lists are some creative ways of presenting your business to potential customers. Valuable content beats volume every time, Paramanathan says.

“There are plenty of content factories out there that recommend you punch out as much content as possible. We don’t think that’s a smart move, and for small business owners starting up, you probably don’t have the time to succeed doing that anyway. Focus on the content that will help your customers fix the problem that your product solves,” he advises.

But no matter how great your content is, if no one sees it, it’s not worth the effort. This means that snappy headlines and a targeted marketing strategy are very important.

“Figure out what bloggers talk to the same people you’re trying to reach and see if you can syndicate your content or write something for them,” Paramanathan says.

“Think about where your target audience hangs out on the internet and try and get your content featured there,” he says.


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