From an online enquiry point of view, the team keep the customer process very simple to ensure maximum satisfaction.

“A website gives your consumer an overall picture of the offering, which is very important for establishing trust so that you have a higher chance of closing a sale,” advises Daniel Werzberger, founder of Are You Selling, Australia’s largest online car buying company.

Founded in 2012, this Aussie business strives to make its offer as accessible as possible in order to make selling your car, bike or boat a straightforward process, and their website is a key part of making things simple and easy for customers.

Here are some of Werzberger’s simple steps for using the influence of your website to convert customers.

Be transparent and offer customer support

In the case of Are You Selling, the company website is a platform to provide as much information for the buyer, reader or seller as possible, and presents an opportunity for visitors to see testimonials and terms and conditions so they feel safe buying from the site.  

“There’s a lot of mistrust in this industry. Given that we deal with cars, bikes and boats, consumers are typically wary of going to a dealer and scared of being ripped off,” says Werzberger.

From an online enquiry point of view, the team keep the customer process very simple to ensure maximum satisfaction.

 “Once a customer trusts what they read on the website about our buying process and our history, then they will make an online enquiry and chat to a telemarketer. At that point the website has established that point of trust, making their job a lot easier.”

Whatever your SMB’s major offering is, weight the website accordingly so that your selling points are communicated equally, he says.

“We’ve got three offerings, and have an enquiry format at the top of the web page with three or four key selling points to show they are all just as important as each other. Then, if they want to speak to someone they can do it straight away.”

Your website is an advertising tool

“Our entire business has moved from newspaper to online – five or six years ago we used to advertise in the newspaper and then 80% of enquires would come through there. Now that approach is a complete waste of money when it comes to advertising,” says Werzberger.

“With the domination of Google a large chunk of our budget goes towards Google in terms of SEO and AdWords,” he says. SEO can be an arduous process at the start, but it’s an important step towards getting more traffic and raising your rankings in search engines.

Become a source of education and entertainment

One way to increase website rankings is to become trusted a source of information that customers rely on. This is also important for generating marketing email lists, says Werzberger.

Werzberger divides his content into two categories, industry-based versus entertaining content. Industry-based content might be sharing statistics, news stories or interest stories that add real value to customers. For example, the team recently shared the Volkswagen story about the business recalling faulty cars to keep their audience up to date.

YouTube videos or fun content would be classified as entertainment content, not directly related to the business but interesting enough to get enormous share rates across all the different social channels.

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