By providing information that helps with diagnosis of a major plumbing problem, you’re establishing your plumbing company as one that is authoritative.

When you're spending your days grinding it out on the job, spending the after-hours on marketing your services can be both a financial and emotional drain. The good news is, with a splash of planning and a squirt of effort, you can go a long way towards untapping a stream of online interest (without breaking the bank).

Starting with your website, and branching out into various social media streams, by creating engaging, fluid, authoritative content such as blogs, video clips and how-to guides, to name just a few, you can easily (and fairly cheaply) plumb the depths of your potential market.

“Content marketing and plumbing do not exist in separate universes – not by any stretch,” a blog on content writing company Grammar Chic Inc's website says. “In fact, a content marketing initiative may be one of the very best ways for the plumbers of today to win loyal, enthusiastic patrons.”

“By posting informative and instructive content to the web, you can ensure that yours is the plumbing company to rise to the top as homeowners search for answers,” the blog says.

“And, by providing information that helps with the diagnosis – and perhaps even the correction – of a major plumbing problem, you’re effectively establishing your plumbing company as one that is authoritative, people-oriented, trustworthy, and ready and eager to help.”

“You talk to customers all the time; they have questions,” says content marketing agency Vertical Measures' project manager Temple Stark.

“The next day or week you hear all those same questions again. If online habits are anything to go by, they already looked online and didn’t find an answer, or didn’t find a good answer that helped them.”

“Your site should be that place where they find the answers,” Stark writes on the Vertical Measures website.

“Being useful builds on itself; one person finds the answer, they shoot a friend an e-mail or they tell someone... Then, ideally, your customer base grows and you and your employees are kept busy or have to hire more people to handle the business.”

“It is no longer effective to have 'just' a website for people to find you. It must be a living, breathing thing,” says former-plumber-turned-content-director Sean Kavanaugh.

“Write content, post pictures, and update social platforms every single day,” he says in an article on the Plumbing Info website. “You don’t have to be a perfect writer to gain traffic... but you must know what you’re talking about.”

“Ask yourself this: Is what I’m writing about benefiting society in some way? Are we adding something to it or are we writing about something for our benefit? If your posts only contain information on things you plan to sell, you will lose the game.”

“If you plan on embarking on a large scale, long-term Internet marking plan, stick to the plan,” Kavanaugh says. “Use the same tenacity, work ethic and dogged determination it took to get you where you are.”

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