Social ads might be one way to place your sales and marketing messages in the newsfeeds of potential leads most relevant to your business.

If you are struggling to find a way of maximising your brand’s exposure, paying for social ads might just be the boost your business needs.

To find out if they can help you reach your marketing goals, we have compiled a simple quiz.

Social ads might be one way to place your sales and marketing messages in the newsfeeds of potential leads most relevant to your business.

And while display ads and paid search ads both have their place, social ads certainly have plenty of long-term value, particularly for businesses where an emotional connection is important for reaching out to their customers, such as lifestyle products and services.

If you’re unsure as to whether social ads are the right approach for you, take our quiz.

Rate your answer for each question on a scale from 1 (not at all / low) to 5 (very / high) and use your total score to find out what your next steps should be.

1.      From 1-5, how effectively are you reaching the most specific, targeted audience relevant to your business?

2.      From 1-5, how confident are you that you’re reaching new customers and maximising your campaign reach?

3.      From 1-5, how effectively does your current advertising provide conversion tracking and marketing insights for your business?

4.      From 1-5, how effectively is your current set up allowing you to track posts from your competitors, including stats on the most popular posts, total engagement and growth in weekly ‘likes’? 

5.      From 1-5, how high are your engagement rates? 

6.     From 1-5, how frequently do you include call-to-actions to direct your leads to your website?

7.      From 1-5, how effective is your return on investment (ROI) with your current advertising set up?

If you scored between 0-21 you need to invest in social ads

It can take time to build a strong presence organically, which is why social ads will be beneficial for placing you in front of precise target audiences. Sensis’ Social Ads package might be an option if you’re looking to invest.

Experts can help you leverage Facebook’s growing Australian audience to target customers interested in your products and services. Remember to:

  • Ask for your lead generation reports to make intelligent decisions
  • Ensure your website is up to date and ready for potential visitors
  • Don’t forget your organic activity

If you scored between 22-35 you probably don’t need to invest in social ads

If you received this score your current advertising set up is very efficient and reaching your desired goals. Ensure that you:

  • Continue to track your performance to get the most out of your campaign
  • Be patient and don’t expect an immediate impact on sales
  • Avoid content-related clichés, such as: ‘Check out this great new product!’ or ‘Try now!’

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