Get found by more customers with Chat Search for Facebook Messenger

What’s the best place to find more potential customers? Wherever those potential customers are already hanging out, of course.

With 81% of Australian social media users using Facebook Messenger, increasingly that’s the best place to get found. And now, customers can find your Yellow Pages listing in Facebook Messenger using the Yellow Pages Chat Search.

What is Chat Search?

Chat Search is a tool that allows people to search for the businesses they need using Facebook Messenger. Simply ask the Yellow Pages SearchBot what you need, and it will suggest the top results in your area!

Why use Chat Search?

Yellow Pages Chat Search is a great way to find the businesses you need when you’re on the go – rather than using a search engine or sifting through the results on the Yellow Pages website, simply open up your Messenger app, and the SearchBot will do the work for you!

How does it work?

There are two ways you can get started with Chat Search.

The first option is to open up Facebook Messenger – either the app or the browser version – and search for ‘Yellow Pages SearchBot’. (Or, just click this helpful link.)

The second option is on the Yellow Pages website, where you’ll see the new Chat Search option to the right of the screen. (Psst – it’s the blue button with the white speech bubble.)

Then, you can start chatting with our SearchBot to find what you need!

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