The purpose of a business blog? To add value to your website by offering visitors useful and informative words and images.

Avoid joining the melange of mediocre online content with expert advice from the country’s masters of digital communication.

Posting regular updates on a wide variety of specialities, check out five of the bloggers who made it into SmartCompany’s annual list of Australia’s Best Business Blogs.

Small Talk & Co.
Interviewing creative entrepreneurs

Architect and Small Talk & Co. blogger Keely Malady posts interviews with creative entrepreneurs and innovative businesspeople, chatting about how they reached where they are today and all their successes and failures along the way. It’s a great example of how to personalise a blog with human stories, with each interview delving into the subject’s life to uncover their goals, motivations and how they think.

Bluewire Media
Specialty: Digital marketing know-how

It’s no secret that a savvy blog should start out with the aim of becoming a thought leader in their industry, and the Bluewire Media site has become the ‘go-to’ business resource for web digital marketing. Its site features guest posts, how-to guides, expert advice and podcasts, and provides an enormous amount of resources on using digital tools to help promote your business online – covering all aspects of marketing and advertising to content.

Specialty: Global startup success story blogger and tech entrepreneur Rebekah Campbell reveals what life as a founder of a startup is really like. From building up her team of staff, directors and investors to finding the right business model for success, Campbell reveals the twists and turns that come with running a small business while offering useful lessons along the way. Topics include leadership, pitching and selling, management and networking.

Failing with Fortitude
Specialty: Life lessons and wellbeing

After suffering with situational depression and handling a business that was underperforming, Leanne Faulkner realised there were few resources specifically tailored to SMEs. Faulkner has tapped into this niche readership, exploring the balance of wellbeing and the importance of maintaining good mental health as an entrepreneur. With informed discussions on the anxieties surrounding business, psychology, self-compassion, mindfulness and stress, the blog celebrates the work-life balance and lets people know they don’t need to suffer in silence.

Naomi Simson
Specialty: Motivational business advice

As the founding director of RedBalloon, Naomi Simson’s blog shares personal experiences as an entrepreneur, leader, manager and mother, giving free tips on effective leadership, innovation, technology and how to find happiness at work. After joining the latest season of Shark Tank Australia, the blog is infused with behind-the-scenes updates and gossip from the show.



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