Stop trying to handle every role yourself, such as manually posting tweets in real time.

Today there are so many ways to market your business that it can be difficult to decide which approach works the best for you – for example, should your marketing strategy revolve around social media and SEO or networking and events?

Here’s a list of cost-effective tactics that will help you get a measureable return on the time and money you invest in marketing.

Mine your database

Look for leads within your existing client base. It’s much more costly to acquire a new customer than to establish or retain a relationship with an existing one. You can always feed your database from sales, surveys and subscriptions, or even membership cards that store information. Then use this database to reconnect with people and target them with an offer.

Create and maintain a professional website

Having a strong online presence is essential in this day and age, and not having a website can give prospective clients a bad impression of your business. If you are a novice when it comes to building a website, there are experts who can create and tailor a site to your requirements and vision.

If you do have a site up and running, remember that it is just as vital to update and maintain your offering as it is your brick-and-mortar store. Google values websites with high quality and recent posts. The more unique and updated content you create the more traffic will be sent your way from search engine results pages.

Embrace email marketing

Revive your database by emailing customers with news of a special offer or your latest discount. Use clear subject lines, keep your content personalised rather than delivering a sales pitch and encourage them to click through to your website with a call-to-action.

Spread the word using social media

Just like a website, increasing your online presence via social media channels makes you more relevant in people’s daily lives. Post regularly, with great content that’s targeted, because the more your customers hear from you, the more trust you’ll be able to build.

Don’t neglect the less popular social networks such as Google+, Tumblr or Pinterest – it’s important you test out a range of platforms to see what kind of results you get.

List your business in local directories

List your business in the Yellow Pages and White Pages online directories to increase the chance of customers stumbling across your business when searching via Google or Bing. Sensis can track and report how many customers your listing is attracting. Take a look at what White Pages Digital or Yellow Pages Digital can offer you for more information.

Print materials complete the strategy

To create the most effective marketing strategy, you need a combination of digital and print materials. Think about what suits you the most, from business cards and sales brochures to posters, flyers or direct mail.


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