In the purest sense, any campaign's success is ultimately measured by the number of people who become aware of it in some way – either directly or from a third party.

An annual awards ceremony hosted by popular digital media website Mashable has showcased some of the best and most successful digital marketing campaigns of the past 12 months.

Taking place in New York in November, the Mashies is an annual awards program designed to highlight “outstanding digital work in marketing, advertising and social (media)”.

For the uninitiated, a 'digital campaign' could loosely be described as comprising various different online components, including but not limited to websites, social media platforms, banner advertising, YouTube channels and beyond.

In the purest sense, any campaign's success is ultimately measured by the number of people who become aware of it in some way – either directly or from a third party (such as a news provider, for example).

The award for “Best Global Campaign” at the Mashies went to Spotify's a Year in Music, which generated over five million site visits and the creation of over one million “personal snapshots”.

The campaign was also featured by hundreds of publications, both traditional and online – a hallmark of every great digital marketing effort.

“The Spotify Year in Music wasn't written by the critics or dictated by sales – instead it was the first time the world listened to the listeners,” the company said.

“At a time when more streaming services enter the market, we had to reinforce Spotify as the people's choice.”

“Data unearthed fascinating human truths, reframing the year's events through the lens of music. In addition, users could get their own personal portrait – finally answering the question: So what kind of music are you into?"

“Best in show” at the Mashies was awarded to Love Has No Labels, whose launch video became the second-most-watched social and community activism ad in history (110 million online views).

Across earned and social media, the campaign also garnered more than 1 billion impressions in its first two months.

The year-long campaign, which included online components such as stories and a quiz about bias, was designed to make people aware of their implicit biases – how people “make snap judgments about others without even realizing it”.

At the Cannes Lions festival in July 2015 the campaign also won eight Lions – a gold and two silvers in Direct Advertising, a silver in Outdoor Advertising, a bronze in Titanium & Integrated, and three more bronzes in Cyber Advertising (including one for spatial tech).

Last but not least, the PS4 Gamer Masterpiece was the Mashies “Most innovative use of traditional digital marketing”.

As part of the campaign – which spanned outdoor, online video and social media –  PlayStation fans were able to use an online interactive tool to create their own Gamer Masterpiece by selecting their favourite PlayStation characters, background elements, and more from among three different epic paintings.

They were then able to upload an image of their own face as the final character to complete the painting, and the top 50 paintings submitted (as voted by the public) were made into real life prints.

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