“It may seem obvious but many people set off building of their website without really knowing their ultimate aim.”

There may be no such thing as the ‘perfect’ website, but there are certainly plenty of pitfalls that are easy to avoid as you work towards your website vision.

These five strategies will help you navigate the website building minefield:

1. Know your website’s purpose

It may seem obvious but many people set off building of their website without really knowing their ultimate aim. Is it to encourage offline contact? Is it to encourage email sign-ups? Conversions? Sales? Phone calls? To build your brand expertise reputation? 

2. Colours and tone of voice are important

A brand is much more than a name. It includes everything from tone of voice and colour schemes through to your logo and wider creative assets. Make sure you know what your holistic brand is and share that with your designers and developers from day one. Your site should be a natural reflection of your company, on all levels.

3. Mobile should never be an after-thought

Smartphones and tablets are no longer a second thought when it comes to website design. According to our Yellow Social Media Report 2014, 76% of Australians now access the internet on a mobile device. Be aware of this audience from the start and make sure you’re catering to those cross device needs.

4. Fresh content is essential

When setting your site up, remember to consider how easy it will be for your customers to find you on Google, also known as your search engine optimisation (SEO) potential. Be sure to include an area of the site that let you regularly post fresh content. This could be your latest news, blog updates, a feed of industry related titbits – the key is to ensure your site is never static.

5. Make it easy for customers to contact you

As a critical final point, remember to make it easy as possible for your customers to get in touch with you. Make your contact details prominent, and offer multiple options including email and phone. Start collecting emails as early as possible, encouraging visitors to sign up for news and updates.

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