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For small businesses who don't fare well in league of romance products, then it's time to get creative with your marketing efforts.

Savvy small businesses know the importance of linking marketing to seasonal or holiday related activities. If you're in the restaurant trade or have gift-like services and products then Valentine's Day is surely a boon for your coffers.

According to IBISWorld, Australians are expected to part with nearly $800 million this Valentine’s Day which is a 2% increase on last year.  The growth is attributed to a trending preference for premium goods and experiences with dining and jewellery clear winners. Of course, florists will continue to be huge beneficiaries of this day also.

Although for small businesses who don't fare well in league of romance products, then it's time to get creative with your marketing efforts.

A common misperception among business owners is that Valentine's Day is merely the domain of couples.

But, you're undervaluing your potential customers if you think this. Not only do men and women flourish gifts on their loved ones, but mothers, sisters, best friends and school students are keen to give gifts to those they care about.

Once you consider this and what you have to offer, it’s just a matter of tailoring your messaging to suit your products. It’s as simple as re-wording your sales pitch. Here’s some examples:

  • You may sell white goods but think about your marketing message and how it can suit the Valentine’s Day shoppers ‘Our range of dishwashers mean you’ll have more time together’.
  • Takeaway delivery services could create packages for a romantic date night at home.
  • Home interior stores could focus on the investment of purchasing couches and beds together, especially for couples who have recently moved in together.
  • Builders could offer a limit-time promotion for building a pergola in a couple’s house to entertain and have romantic picnics. It’s all about tailoring your pitch.
  • You could also partner with non-competing businesses where your customers receive a discount at their stores and vice versa. Think about restaurants, day spas, jewellers, hotels and resorts.

Of course, social media is a powerful tool for seasonal selling. Including ‘two for one’ promotions on your products or changing the branding on your platforms to show more reds and pinks. Valentine’s Day is an emotive time so use your platforms to engage with your customers and show them you care.

Interesting Valentine’s Day facts from Yellow Pages

Victorians are likely to gift a luxury massage to their loved ones this Valentine’s Day with searches for services increasing by 12%.

In NSW, couples are the most likely to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast or brunch with café searches spiking by 8 per cent compared with the national average of 5%.

Queensland couples can be expected to splurge on a beauty treatment or spray tan for Valentine’s Day with salon searches increasing by 11%, the highest in the country.

South Australians are the most likely in the country to splurge on a romantic dinner with searches spiking by 34%.

Decadent weekends away are a must for West Australians with hotels and motels receiving a 34 and 17 per cent spike in searches compared with the nation’s average of 4 and .01 per cent.

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