A reputable recruitment specialist can take away much of the pain associated with hiring, helping you source the best possible talent the first time around.

Here’s how a recruitment firm can help you secure talent.

If your business is growing and you’re hiring more people, you’re going to have to decide whether you’ll hand over the process to a recruiter or ensure that your in-house hiring and firing processes are in compliance with the law.

“One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is managing cost. So, if you’ve ever baulked at the notion of approaching a recruitment firm to help you source staff for your business, it’s understandable,” says managing director of Chorus Executive talent management company Christine Khor.

But before you rule out the idea on a financial basis, a good recruiter can actually reduce the overall cost of sourcing the right talent, which in turn can help propel your business to success, according to Khor.

DIY recruitment can be time-consuming

“Anyone who has ever attempted a do-it-yourself house renovation will know that it always takes longer than you expected. A botched attempt usually costs twice as much as you planned,” says Khor.

Just like a DIY project, calling in the professionals – in this case a recruitment firm – can free up your time and reduce risk, which means you can focus on the daily running of your business.

A bad hire can be costly

How much is high employee turnover really costing you? Without the right experience and tools such as psychometric testing and behavioural interviewing techniques, there’s always a possibility that you’ll hire the wrong person, which not only impacts on your time and budgets but on your work culture too, says Khor.

A reputable recruitment specialist can take away much of the pain associated with hiring, helping you source the best possible talent the first time around.

Choosing the right recruitment firm

Once you’ve decided that a recruitment specialist could help your business, the next step is to choose one that’s going to deliver maximum results.

Align yourself with a reputable recruiter

Beware of ‘transactional’ agencies, those looking to fill an employment gap quickly, rather than finding the right person for the role. Do your research and look for evidence that backs up their service offering. 

Decide whether you need a specialist or generalist recruiter

Generalist recruiters are great for bulk recruitment or less senior roles. However, if you’re recruiting for a management or other key role then a specialist is the way to go as they will know your industry and have strong, career-long relationships with relevant prospects.

Find a recruiter that can tap into ‘passive’ talent

The most sought-after talent is already happily employed, and therefore won’t see your job listing. A good recruiter, however, will have nurtured long-term relationships with ‘passive’ talent and can present them with interesting opportunities that might just inspire a move.  

Partner up and be honest

Look for a firm that offers a long-term, partnership-style approach and give them lots of detail about your business and the role. Be honest about any shortcomings, such as the need for culture change or greater innovation­, as this will help the recruiter shortlist the candidates who will have the most positive impact in these areas.  

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