Getting on the first page of search engines does not happen in the short-term, so don’t expect immediate results.

A combination of great website design, search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and interesting content will bring you a step closer to raising your SME’s profile online.

But how do you go that extra step and ensure you rank first on the results pages?

SEO refers to the method of optimising your website to appear higher up in Google’s results. A higher ranking means your website shows first when people are searching for businesses like yours, meaning you have a greater chance of being visited.

As the organic traffic directed to your site will be from visitors already interested in your business’s promoted products or services, converting them to customers is made easier.

Optimise for mobile

Google is increasingly rewarding mobile-optimised sites. In 2015 the search engine introduced a major update to their algorithm, which penalises websites that don’t display acceptably on mobile devices.

The change was to encourage website owners to provide the best mobile experience possible for people browsing on their smartphones or tablets. You can test how mobile-friendly your website is by visiting Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ tool.

Not only will you get in Google’s good books, you’ll be making your mobile customers very happy with a seamless browsing experience.

Create SEO-friendly content

Remember websites are designed for humans and not just for Google, but there are a few ways you can please both. Your unique and fresh content should be rich in keywords that are relevant and don’t feel out of place. Create blog posts and articles on topics that your customers are going to want to read and share.

This is a great way of both increasing traffic to your site and becoming an authority in your industry. At the end of your article, consider using a call to action to guide the customer to another area of your site.

Encourage third-party sites to link to you

Once the search engines are satisfied with your website itself, they start looking elsewhere to try to establish your credibility and authority. One important way they do this is by seeing who links to your site.

As your website grows and scales, its authority on Google’s algorithms will yield a far better ranking within search results, which is a very cost-effective channel for acquiring new customers.

When in doubt…

Getting on the first page of search engines does not happen in the short-term, so don’t expect immediate results.

If you require ongoing focus and technical expertise, there are experts who can help with monitoring and reporting.


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