If you’re a time-poor small business, it’s likely you may not have the spare hours to get your marketing in top shape before Easter hits and that’s where Sensis comes in.

You could sit back and coast your way through until Easter or, you could be proactive and search keenly for the next opportunity to promote yourself.

With the Christmas Holidays now well and truly done for another year, and most of the Australian population firmly back into their daily routines, it would be easy (and understandable) for those in the mechanical repairs business to sit back and cruise for a time.

The most proactive of proprietors, however, will look towards the next mass exodus from the suburbs onto Australia's wide open roads – the Easter Holidays, which in 2016 will run from Good Friday (25 March) to mid April.

It goes without saying that any self-respecting vehicle owner will ensure their particular mode of transport is trouble free before embarking on any extended trip, and this represents an opportunity for business owners in the repairs space to be flat chat between now and then (through a short, sharp digital marketing campaign, for example).

Time is of the essence in this situation, however, and you need to get started as soon as possible, preferably using platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords, tied in with a closely aligned 'landing page' on your website.

It's essential that all elements contain the same consistent marketing message or theme, which might just constitute a simple marketing message and call to action.

Your call to action or message could be along the lines of “Get your car in tip top shape for Easter” or “Don't be a bunny, stay safe over Easter”, which you would then stick with throughout all forms of advertising.

Paying for Facebook posts so they can be viewed by people OTHER THAN those who've 'liked' your page is cheaper than you probably think, and can be an extremely effective way of reaching highly targeted audiences according to age, location and gender.

You can also choose to roll out 'sponsored' posts quickly (over one day, for example) or more gradually (over the course of a week, for example).

Depending on your chosen parameters, Facebook will give you an automatic estimated 'reach',

and how much you're willing to spend will determine the percentage of this potential audience that sees your post in their newsfeed.

The essence of your sponsored Facebook post can then be carried over to Google Adwords through it's popular pay-per-click (PPC) service.

Basically, through PPC you're able to choose which Google search terms you'd like to be connected or associated with, such as “Sydney mechanics”, “Melbourne car repairs”, “Adelaide panel beaters” etc..., and have your targeted marketing message appear at the top of those terms' results pages.

Pay-per-click, by the way, means exactly that – you'll only ever pay for the people who actually click through to your website via the link provided.

The final, and most important piece of your quick-fire digital marketing effort is your landing page, which is essentially there for one reason – to convert the curious visitor into an actual customer.

Ensure this page makes it as easy as the click of a button to book your services, or at least provide their contact details for a call-back.

But of course if you’re a time-poor small business, it’s likely you may not have the spare hours to get your marketing in top shape before Easter hits and that’s where Sensis comes in. 

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