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The new Instagram business tools provide some great insight and data which can be used to better engage with your Instagram audience – in this post, we’ll look at the key features and how to use them.

Setting Up

But before we look into the details of what’s on offer, a quick note on how to access the new Instagram business profiles.

To active your Instagram business account, you need to have an active Facebook business Page connected to your Instagram profile.

To do this (assuming you have a Facebook business profile), open up Instagram on your smartphone then click on the gear icon at the top right of your profile screen. In the “Options” list, select “Switch to Business Profile”.

Once you do, you’ll be asked to connect your Facebook Page - this will also make it the Page that displays posts you share from Instagram to Facebook (which you should consider doing, given that research shows that posts shared from Instagram to Facebook seem to generate significantly more engagement).

After you’ve gone through the connection process, Instagram will prompt you to check your profile details like contact number and address (which it’ll auto-populate from Facebook), then you’re done – you’ve now the manager of an Instagram business profile.

Note: Not everyone will have access to the “Switch to Business Profile” option as yet. If you don’t, ensure you’ve updated to the latest version of Instagram – if you still don’t, you won’t be able to access the feature till it’s made available to you, Instagram’s rolling it out gradually to all users.

Brand Profiles

Instagram’s new brand profiles include new contact options, address info and even maps integration to show people how to get to your physical store. But the real power of Instagram’s brand profiles lies in the new analytics options, which are only accessible through the new brand options.

Once you’ve upgraded to a business profile, you’ll see a new graph icon in the top right of your profile screen, next to the gear icon. Tap on it and you’ll be taken to the new analytics screen, which shows you a range of data about your on-platform audience.

Analytics Tools

The new data options available include:

  • Top Posts – You can examine the performance of your top posts from the past 7 days or the past two years, with a range of increments in between.

  • Audience Demographics – The gender split of your audience and age range, and you can also break down the gender split within each age bracket.

  • Location of Followers – A listing of the cities and countries in which your audience lives.

  • User Activity – A graph pf when you’re audience is most active on Instagram by hour of the day.

All of these tools can help you refine and improve your Instagram performance by showing you what’s working, who you need to be aiming your content at, and what time you should post to maximize your reach and impact.

And given Instagram’s feed is now algorithm driven – meaning your followers won’t necessarily see everything you post – these insights are vital for improving your on-platform performance.

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