What is the message your business is trying to communicate? What impression are you trying to make? Our aim is to provide food with integrity.

Aussie startup GoodnessMe Box delivers health food to its users each month based on the concept that its content is a surprise experience each time.

Depending on the month, the package could include anything from coconut oil and gluten-free muesli to kale chips and raw chocolate.

With a background in marketing and public relations, founder Peta Shulman has focused on securing relationships with social media influencers from the outset. The startup has engaged thousands of subscribers who turn to social media to share the arrival of their new packages.

Those relationships enabled her to grow the startup’s Instagram account from zero to 10,000 in the first 10 days. Schulman’s best practice tips include:

1. Start today 

It can take time to build a following, or as we rather like to refer to it, a community. Whether your business is still in the planning stages or not, it’s important to kick-start your social media platforms right away.

2. Be authentic 

People want to discover the real brand, including your unique voice.

3. Post consistently 

Post once daily. Ramp it up when you begin to discover exactly what your followers are ‘liking’.

4. Carry out research

There are a number of free research tools available to assess trends and understand your audience demographic, the times of the day they are most active, what posts they are responding to best, and so on.  

5. Do not sell

Don’t be too overt about your product. People do not want to be sold to; they are following your brand because you are an authority in your space and they want to be inspired. They will respond to quality competitions and discounts as this provides value, but this needs to take place intermittently.

6. Provide quality content

Content marketing is the new age of marketing, and with so much information out there people are after well-thought out posts. Today everyone is hungry for content, but it has to be quality content.

7. Create a content plan

It can be difficult to be constantly clever, witty, informative and aspirational on the spot, but by incorporating social media into your business strategy you can formulate a succinct plan. Schedule content in advance and mix this with sporadic posts as well. Social media is often about being timely and newsworthy, so not everything can be pre-planned.

8. Hone your brand message 

What is the message your business is trying to communicate? What impression are you trying to make? Our aim is to provide food with integrity. Together with our team of health practitioners, we communicate that we source only the highest quality health food brands that share our passion to provide wholesome and natural food products that are GMO-free, and which are two or more of the following: organic, sustainable, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or vegan.

9. Create engagement

We receive thousands of Instagram posts per month from customers sharing their experiences with recipes and images. We continue to share those posts on our sites, to inspire others. It’s become something of a ritual for many of our subscribers – opening the box and capturing their discovery with Instagram.



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