Using Instagram’s Stories feature, you can post a new story every day to your community showcasing what your business is doing in the lead-up to Christmas.

Social media can be a great compliment in this effort, with a range of ways you can use your social platforms to add some seasonal cheer – and ideally, build more interest in your products.

Here’s a quick listing of tips for sprucing up your social media profiles for Christmas, including some newer options that you may not have considered.

1. Update your background images

Most platforms have background images on profiles these days, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Utilize this space by adding a Christmas themed image to help get visitors in the spirit of the season.

2. Offer exclusive discounts via your social profiles

Ensure your social media audiences feel appreciated by offering them exclusive discounts or offers via your profiles. This can also help boost your shares, as your fans will share the offer with others.

3. Create a custom Snapchat filter

This is a relatively new offering, and it obviously depends on your audience, but you can create custom Geofilters in Snapchat that enable people to apply your brand image to their Snaps within a certain geographic radius. Snapchat recently added templates, making it even easier to use – if you’re interested, head over to this link to check it out.

4. Update your greeting message on Twitter

Via Twitter’s recently introduced customer service DM tools, you can set up a greeting message for anyone sending a message to your business. This message is totally customizable, meaning you can update it to add a little Christmas cheer to your interactions.

5. Run a Christmas photo competition

Christmas is a great opportunity to engage with your online fans and community members, and enabling them to participate in your seasonal efforts can be a great way to generate more activity and interest. You can run a photo competition on pretty much any social platform, then use the entries for a post celebrating your community.

6. Count down the days with Instagram Stories

Using Instagram’s Stories feature, you can post a new story every day to your community showcasing what your business is doing in the lead-up to Christmas, or just sharing a fun fact or note. Instagram Stories is still relatively new, so not many businesses are utilizing it, but it can be a great way to boost awareness, particularly if you can think of a creative option.

7. Use nostalgia in your posts

Christmas is a time that brings back fond memories of our childhood experiences. You can tap into this by using those images as inspiration for your content. Consider who your target audience is and what they would most likely relate to Christmas, or ask your audience direct and use that nostalgia to generate better connections with your audience.

There’s a whole heap of ways you can generate engagement around the Christmas season. And with people spending more money in the period, it’s worth trying to boost that connection in order to have them align your business with the holiday season, creating better affiliation and community.

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