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Refine and adapt keywords, ensure your site is found by multiple search engines and regularly update your content.

These days, a savvy digital marketing approach must include a professional-looking website, knowledge of search engine optimisation (SEO) and amplification of content on social media.

Of course, once you’ve created your website, you need to promote it. SEO helps your online offering appear in search engine results pages when people are looking for businesses like yours.

Here are six essential steps to follow if you want to increase your website’s visibility and get more business through the door:

1. Find a SEO expert The rules of the game are always changing and you want to make sure you are on Google’s good side. If you don’t want to employ a full-time SEO expert or hire an external SEO service, you’ll need to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes.

2. Feature in local business directories and listings Think Sensis Free Listing, Urbanspoon, Yellow Pages, White Pages, True Local, Yelp and Google Business Pages, depending on your industry. This is an important step in your marketing strategy that allows your business to be found by potential customers when they are searching for your service specifically.

3. Research and test Don’t go in blind. Research keywords that are relevant to you but also look at what your competitors are using with the help of a number of online tools, for example Google Keyword Planner is a very helpful tool. The best words aren’t always the words with the highest search volumes so keep your eye out for those that are searched less frequently but are still sizeable and with a low cost attached. An awareness of the keywords people search for when looking for your kind of product or service can guide your content.

4. Focus on quality Make sure that your content is both unique and high quality. These two elements alone will contribute to the user experience. New content will help in boosting your website rankings so add new, interesting content to your pages on a regular basis. Content freshness adds relevancy to your site in the eyes of Google.

5. Hire an expert If you’re being guaranteed ‘first page’ search engine results, keep walking, because that expert is probably breaking the rules. There are lots of SEO solutions that are designed to help you with every step of the journey, from setup to optimisation and reporting on results.

6. Remain consistent SEO isn’t a quick fix and it’s not about instant gratification. Results will take time so remain patient and stick with your (sometimes revised) strategy for a time before expecting to see major improvements.


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