How search marketing boosted this law firm's call volumes by 500%

Search Innovation: Sensis & Bradly Bayly Legal

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one way to quickly boost your website traffic, online enquiries and call volumes. After all, with over 70% of searchers clicking on the first page of Google, it helps to appear at the top of the page.

So how do you do it?

It isn’t simply a matter of choosing some keywords and placing the highest bid in Google AdWords – it’s about choosing the right keywords, knowing which keywords you don’t want to target, and optimising the website or landing page you want people to visit to ensure you get the best result.

This is what we did for one of our clients, which boosted their call volumes by 500%.

In the beginning...

Bradley Bayly Legal is a law firm in Western Australia that specialises in personal injury claims. Back in 2010, they were already a busy practice with a lot of referrals coming in and a good reputation in the industry.

However, they realised that to be competitive, they needed a way to capture potential customers searching for a personal injury lawyer online. So the team at Bradley Bayly contacted Sensis.

What we do

At Sensis, we support over 5,000 businesses in search by combining the power of technology and people. We have invested in proprietary technology with our Product and Click Estimator Tool, which provides product recommendations across a wide range of SEM price points. This empowers us to collaborate with and support our customers at any level of spend with customised campaign solutions and sophisticated bid and budget management systems.

Where Bradly Bayly started

From the get go with Bradley Bayly, we realised they were definitely getting more enquiries – averaging around 15 calls a month, which led to 69 conversions from June to September last year.

And while they were happy with this result, we knew it could be better.

The tweaks and changes that led to a 300% increase in conversions

So we pulled apart their campaign and analysed where improvements could be made.

First, we examined Bradly Bayly’s website. While it was professionally designed, it didn’t have a lot of content and we felt it wasn’t converting as well as it could be.

So we built landing pages for each of the services being targeted in their AdWords campaign…with more in-depth content and a more prominent call to action.

Once we had high-converting landing pages, we optimised their Adwords campaign. We tweaked their keyword list by removing non-performing keywords and defining negative keywords to ensure they got more targeted traffic from clients looking for a service, rather than people who were just searching for information.

And the results speak for themselves – for each the months of January - April of this year, they received between 50 and 74 calls a month – that’s a 500% increase in call volumes!

Their total number conversions for the period was 277 – up by 300%!

This means that Bradley Bayly is now busier than they’ve ever been, and a lot of that is directly attributed to their optimised search campaign with Sensis.

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