Legal messages should be targeted to relevant audiences, but without the legal jargon.

There are many reasons law firms should be on social media. Social media channels are discovery tools and a strong online presence means your improving exposure, breeding familiarity and reaching new audiences that would otherwise have never come across your business.

But are you hesitant? While some lawyers take to social media with enthusiasm, for the traditionalists it’s still new territory. You may be fearful of scrutiny, negative feedback or of placing your firm in the firing line of comments and discussion.

But without it, you are not staying relevant. You need to be online where your potential customers are.

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

Create content without the legal jargon

Legal messages should be targeted to relevant audiences, but without the legal jargon. Your information needs to be widely understood to be appreciated and shared. Long-form complex posts are not as likely to be read or understood, but content that is designed to be both accessible and useful will succeed the most. You could create a visual summary of your text or look at developing videos representing that information, or interviewing a client to communicate your message.

Push content across multiple channels

Your digital footprint is a major factor in establishing credibility, expertise and growing your client base. Begin by testing Facebook, LinkedIn and even YouTube and see what levels of engagement you get with particular posts or helpful videos. Facebook will most likely be the best port of call –  your Facebook link in business cards, email communications and on your reception desk so people take notice.

Partner up with social media influencers

Access large audiences and gain new followers by reaching out to other industry experts and social media influencers who have already established their following. Write on each other’s blogs, or share each other’s posts for reciprocal social sharing to build credibility.  

Encourage social sharing

Make it easy for your readers to share your articles or posts by including social share buttons on your blog posts, your website and your newsletters. Similarly, if your social media has taken the user to your website, ensure that the page has a call to action at the bottom to drive prospective customers to complete forms or click a link to get more information on another section of your website.

Be patient

Social media success is not an overnight gig. It takes a lot of heavy lifting and dedicated hours to improve lead generation.


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