Social media exposure isn’t free - if you want a big impact then it’s good to allocate a budget.

Getting involved in social media is a great way to find new customers, but you need to approach it with the same strategic focus that you would any other aspect of your business, says founder and managing editor of Nicholas Egonidis., an Australian based online retailer selling men’s underwear, swimwear and sportswear, started as a community on Facebook. Five years later, the brand has developed a following of nearly 700,000 people online and now ships over 8000 packages per month to customers in 25 countries.

“Social media is a fantastic way to find and connect with a community of people who could be interested in your product or service,” says Egonidis.

“Depending on your product you might find one platform is better than others. If you have a visual product, Instagram is great for that. For brands with more depth and content, Facebook could be ideal, while Pinterest is another fantastic tool for sharing great photos and links about your niche.”

Creating relevant content, showcasing your product and being prepared to invest some of your budget into gaining exposure are vital steps to generate interest in your product and followers online.

“Social media exposure isn’t free - if you want a big impact then it’s good to allocate a budget,” Egonidis says. “If your goal is to grow followers, be sure to include links to your social media pages in all your communications (emails, print materials, instore, your website and so on).

“Facebook worked well for us initially because was the first underwear company that used the platform. In the last few years Facebook has changed and it’s very difficult to get any benefits unless you are paying for exposure. We currently use Facebook targeting tools to help find our future customers and it’s the best tool we’ve found that can do that.

“Instagram is interesting and allows our customers to post photos of themselves wearing our product, encouraging others to do the same. It’s a social media version of peer pressure where passionate customers want to show you and others that they enjoy your product and we find that often influences sales.”

Here are Egonidis’ top five tips to get your business’ social media strategy right:

1. Research similar companies’ profiles – figure out what will work for you

2. Choose the right social media outlet and commit – stretching yourself across too many platforms can be time consuming

3. Have a unified presence - when you update one social media profile, be sure to update all of them

4. Post relevant content that relates to your brand - don’t giveaway an iPad unless you sell Apple products

5. Plan ahead and try a few things - you’ll find posting at certain times will maximise your post’s reach


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