What is your marketing proposition? Why should people follow you on social media? And why should customers sign up to your newsletters?

At a recent StartupSmart webinar, BSchool Diploma of Business marketing teacher David Trewern shared his take on the nuts and bolts that go into building an effective digital marketing campaign that reaps excellent results.

And while he acknowledges that each sector will need to take a considered and tailored approach, there are five top takeaway lessons applicable to everyone. 

1. Where is your focus?

In terms of focusing your efforts, you need to be clear around your strategy. What is your marketing proposition? Why should people follow you on social media? And why should customers sign up to your newsletters?

Getting your digital strategy right can mean navigating several key challenges, but if you know what your product is and who your audience is then you are halfway there. Write down your proposition and stick within those boundaries. Do that one thing really well.

2. Understand your customers

Look at data and analytics to put customers into correct segments. Talk to your customers online – whether that means tweeting them and commenting on Facebook posts, or joining chat groups and online forums – as this will help you get to know your audience and gain valuable insights.

In addition, profiling will help you think about different messages and channels that might be appropriate. And, when it comes to the design stages, use any information gathered to help you come up with a site that’s going to fulfil customers’ needs and make their life easier.

3. Use social media as real-time market research

Social media is a quick and free tool that can prove extremely valuable when developing your ideas and brand, and is a great resource for beginners embarking on their first online marketing strategy.

Leverage your community of followers by pushing out one idea or message to one audience and a different one to another audience, and see which gets the most engagement. 

4. Create content that’s really valuable and start early 

You’re competing against the whole internet, so be narrow and selective around the content you provide. Give customers something valuable as opposed to targeting them with advertising messages. Your brand and products or services can evolve in conjunction with their social media as you learn about your audience. 

5. Always look for ways to improve 

Overall your campaign should be authentic, honest and relevant. All your marketing should create real value – do something for people, make them feel a certain way and brighten their day.

Seek to improve your offering by developing an ongoing, iterative process. For example, think about doing quarterly updates and spend the next three months making lists of what to improve for your website or app, and plan to launch a new release of that every quarter so you’re always evolving.

And remember, the more time you spend honing your positioning and connecting with your audience the better. It’s going to generate sales and revenue in the long term. 

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