Focus on clear and simple design for your website, with information about the type of electrical work you offer.

These days if your business doesn’t have an online presence it can really work against you. You will need to develop a marketing plan and to have put some thought into your target market and looking at what they expect and value.

To make this process easier, here are some tips and tricks on using building your online channels so that your business can boost its reach:

1.       Why do I need a website?

In the 2015 Sensis eBusiness report, 61% of SMEs with websites said it had improved the effectiveness of their business, mainly by increasing business exposure and facilitating information access for customers.

Many tradies fail to realise the importance of their website landing pages and the fact that this first impression is an influencer on converting people into customers.

Focus on clear and simple design for your website, with information about the type of electrical work you offer, contact information, a gallery or portfolio of past projects and any glowing testimonials.

If you feel overwhelmed with the prospect of creating and looking after a website, some products design, build and manage it for you.

2.       Get social with your customers

It’s important to take your business to wherever your customers are spending their time, which is online using social media on a daily basis.

As social media continues to grow, the savviest businesses are adopting Social Ads, which places your ads in front of customers most interested in buying.

3.       Print and Online Directories

It’s important to expand your reach as much as possible by looking Yellow and White pages, both online or in print, and even at traditional methods such as TV or radio. The Yellow Pages print or online directory for example, can help you increase your local customer base - even a free listing will get your business in front of millions of potential customers across the digital network.

4.       Get SEO savvy

Consider implementing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as it ensures your business can be searched for and easily located on search engines like Google or Bing. This will get more customers clicking and your site to appear higher in search engines.

5.       See improvements with SEM

Another key way of boosting online traffic is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It helps deliver millions of clicks per month and higher conversion rates, target your ads in specific locations, and appear alongside results for keywords searches related to your industry and business.

Rather than trying to appear amongst page one of the organic search results, you can have the website advertised either above or on the far right column of the results page. 

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