Ease of use and speed are two factors that are important for ensuring people come back again.

It might seem unfair, but if your website isn’t regularly updated, or doesn’t look professional, visitors could interpret your business as being incapable of delivering the best product or service.

Here are four areas you can redo to ensure your visitors are getting the best website experience possible.

1.      Usability

Design and performance are integral to providing a great user experience, and a website should do everything a user expects. Ease of use and speed are two factors that are very important for ensuring people come back time and time again.

Quick page loading time is key as customers can become impatient when pages take longer than a few seconds to load, particularly if they’re in the process of purchasing. You don’t want to add anxiety to the checkout process.

By taking the time to improve the overall site content and functionality, whether that’s achieved on your own or with an expert developer, you will ensure that you’re keeping up with customer expectations and not doing your business a disservice.

2.      Simple navigation

Your website should have a simple and clear navigation that quickly and smoothly guides the visitor to the information or action they are looking for. For example, if you have an eCommerce site, direct customers to the shopping cart in as few steps as possible so that they can simply complete their purchase.

You also want to avoid a cluttered home page by making sure your website design is simple and straightforward to use, rather than overcrowding pages with irrelevant information. A process of continuous improvement should be a top priority.  

3.      Mobile-friendly

Increasingly people are using tablets and mobiles to access information, and therefore failure to mobile-optimise your website could potentially lose you customers.

SMB owners often forget that the internet is as much a medium as TV or radio, meaning people will access a website in different ways. This is why you should be thinking about all the potential ways that people could be accessing your website. Five years ago that might have been at a desk on a computer, but today you could be walking to work browsing for a product or service on your mobile device.

4.      Effective content

The more you know about your customers, the better equipped you will be to design content that fits their needs and circumstances, as well as create stories that resonate with them.

People’s attention spans are short. When someone lands on your website you’ve got seconds before they decide to move onto something else. Get your message across by putting everything important above the fold (the portion of the screen visible without scrolling down) for maximum effectiveness.


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