Depending on what your business’s goals are, marketing on social media can be exponentially more cost effective than more traditional means.

“Depending on what your business’s goals are, marketing on social media can be exponentially more cost effective than more traditional means,” explains Sensis social brand manager Cristina Spizzica.

“Considering you can reach a few thousand people on Facebook for under $20, social media marketing can be both an efficient and effective means of extending your strategy. For example, if you go out and letterbox a thousand flyers, you have no real idea about how many people saw or interacted with one – not to mention how expensive printing can be.

“In contrast, setting up an advertisement on Facebook allows you to target specific people based on age, gender, location, interests and more. You also get a detailed report on how many people your advertisement reached and how many of those people clicked through to your website.”

1. Boost your brand exposure

Depending on your brand, social media can achieve the primary goal of simply getting your name out there and is instrumental when it comes to generating leads, says Spizzica.

“For this goal to be effective, frequently posting content – around three to five days a week – will help get your brand seen in newsfeeds more often, and increase the likelihood of it being the brand consumers think of when they need goods or services from your industry.

“A good way of increasing the likelihood of being seen in newsfeeds organically is to comment on trending topics and current events, but to also make it somewhat relevant to your brand if possible.”

2. Appearances are everything

“Put just as much effort into content creation for social media as you would for any other marketing avenue,” says Spizzica.

“If you don’t have a graphic designer, ensure that you or whoever is in charge of your online strategy is adept enough at Photoshop to create consistently good-looking content – paying specific attention to elements such as branding, colour scheme, graphics and fonts.

“Apart from your website, Facebook is where the public can see you. If you have high-quality content on your page, people are more likely to trust the capabilities of your brand and recognise and recall it in the future.”

3. Position yourself as an industry expert

Having good-looking content is one thing, but an effective online strategy that ensures the items you post are relevant, useful and engaging is another point all together, says Spizzica.

“Do you run a flooring business? Share information about what signs to look out for when your floors need to be repolished. Do you have a financial service? Share the latest trends and news, or a series of tips for young people looking to save money.

“It always comes back to putting yourself in the shoes of your potential customers – what do they want to achieve, what do they need to know and how can your business provide them with this information?”


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