Quality content can mean the difference between a ‘one-click stand’ and a long-term relationship.

Here’s our tips on how to encourage customers to revisit the content on your site and interact with your social media accounts.

Quality content can mean the difference between a ‘one-click stand’ and a long-term relationship, says The Content Folk cofounder and strategist Nicole Kersh.

Investing in content marketing is crucial to getting your SEO right and carving out your niche market, says Kersh.

With 40% of the world’s population using the internet on a daily basis – that’s three billion people and a number that is exponentially growing.

The need to differentiate yourself has never been stronger, says Kersh. But don’t rush into creating content without thinking – careful planning will ensure your online copy hits the right notes.  

Do keep it authentic

“Sincere content has the ability to communicate your individuality and find your voice in a loud land,” explains Kersh.  

Your content should be about honest engagement and forming a human connection rather than just words on a page.

Great content should create an “evangelical effect” through its social reach to attract and draw in people, says Kersh.

Look at how successful business blogs talk to their customers. Your goal should be communicating authentically, and forming connections with individuals and their wider communities.

“The key to engagement is resonance. Effective content shifts perspectives, challenges thought processes and encourages us to think about things we would never have thought of,” says Kersh.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Kersh says there are no hard and fast rules to content creation, but reminds SMEs to experiment with different platforms and mediums. Think about blogs, case studies, videos, podcasts, visuals and infographics and get creative.

Rather than focusing on a fear of failure, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. As Kersh says, experimentation is part of the learning curve in understanding your company’s demographic.

Similarly, you should play around with your tone of voice across different platforms. As a general rule, content that is difficult or time-consuming to read (feature-length articles) is often ignored, while content that is bite-sized and easy to read means your visitors are more likely to respond to a call to action and revisit your page.

Don’t forget your strategy

Coming up with a detailed plan or content marketing strategy before haphazardly posting and distributing online content can really amplify your results from online marketing.

“A solid content strategy has the ability to keep you competitive and your audience engaged,” says Kersh. “Every business has a personality, a story, an energy and breadth.”

Online content can have many goals and intentions, and requires a different approach depending on the long-term aim. You wouldn’t use the same type of content to attract existing customers as you would when introducing your business.

Similarly, don’t overlook the fact that an enjoyable and quality post won’t yield any results unless it’s targeted and optimised for SEO.

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