Three digital marketing hacks this accountant uses to grow his business
How can you boost your engagement levels? It comes down to your unique audience and what resonates best with them.

The Practice, co-founded by Jason Cunningham and Robert Hadded, a financial services firm that provides business advisory and personal wealth advisory services, has it figured out.

Cunningham is an author, keynote speaker and media commentator on Channel 10’s The Living Room and SEN1116’s drive-time show The Run Home.

The Practice’s website and online blog is one of the many steps in the business’s journey to building credibility and trust online and offline, providing insight on everything from tax tips to growing your personal wealth.

The website clearly displays glowing testimonials from happy clients, and makes its services clearly understood for those visiting the site for the first time.

Of course, Cunningham didn’t always have access to these media platforms.

What have you done to market your business?

In the early days of our business, when we couldn’t yet point to a stable of satisfied customers, the only way we could win business was to get out and meet as many people as we could – at parties, barbeques, the gym, wherever – and be engaging. Enough of them liked us and decided to give us a chance.

There are three reasons people do business with you.

  1. They like you
  2. You were referred by a trusted source
  3. You’re an expert in your industry

One of our key marketing focuses has been to grow my personal brand through my media appearances, and keynote speaking engagements.

What does your digital marketing strategy involve?

Our digital marketing is never really standalone. It’s always done in conjunction with an action: making a phone call, presenting at an event, offering a free discovery meeting.

Digital marketing is an extension of the offline world. Just as in real life, the best results are achieved when you are honest, authentic and focused on win-win outcomes.

Along the journey, I’ve worked hard to build my experience and profile to the point where I can be considered an expert.

What are you top three digital marketing tips?

  1. Be authentic online. People respond best when your honesty and integrity shines through. Be sure you conduct all your digital marketing activities with authenticity, and you’ll see a much stronger response.
  2. Build your personal brand in addition to your business’s brand. For many industries you could argue that a strong personal brand will be more effective in helping you attract, engage with and make a lasting connection with your ideal customers. Social media offers unprecedented (and cost-effective) ways to build your personal brand. Focus on giving value through your digital marketing activities, and you’ll be repaid tenfold in connections, customers and opportunities.
  3. Remember, digital marketing is just one of the tools in your marketing kit bag. It is a powerful and cost-effective way to grow your business and build a community, but it works best in conjunction with offline activities. These all need to be aligned for maximum effectiveness.

What are the three things businesses should avoid at all costs?

  1. Overkill. We all get too many emails and messages already, so I’m always conscious of not bombarding our community.
  2. Length. The only blogs I follow are things I can read in under a minute. If it’s too long, I’m gone.
  3. Selling. My philosophy is that marketing can happen anywhere, but selling should only happen face to face. It’s difficult to sell online without coming across as a little vulgar, or desperate, or a mix of both. Focus on building relationships, telling stories, and providing value.

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