How SEM increased this business's online enquiries by 230%

Growing Business Online: Sensis & Carline Automotive

While SEM, or search engine marketing, can sound great in theory, it’s hard to know whether your investment will pay off in practice.

You can pay to have your website appear at the top of Google’s search results, but will people actually click? If they do, are they the right people? And are those people likely to turn into paying customers?

We’d like to take you behind the scenes of an SEM campaign we ran for one of our customers – Carline Automotive & Exhaust – which increased their online enquiries by 230%.

Carline Automotive & Exhaust is a well-established brand with over 120 stores across Australia, and they sell aftermarket car components, like exhausts, mufflers and towbars. 

They had already been running SEM with Google AdWords for years, paying about $2.30 a click and getting an average of 2,500 clicks a month. In other words, every time someone clicked on their ad in Google’s search results, it would cost them $2.30. The good news is that these clicks were bringing in enough business for the campaign to pay for itself. The bad news was that it was sucking up all of their IT guy’s time, which meant he couldn’t focus on his other work.

Carline wanted their IT guy back on the tools and for someone else to manage their search marketing for them. This is where we came in.

How we helped

We started working with Carline in December 2016, creating a sophisticated search marketing strategy with over 400 ads that promoted each of their 120 stores.

At the same time, we reviewed their existing campaign to see where there were opportunities to improve. In this review, we discovered that their ads were getting a lot of unrelated impressions, meaning they were getting seen by the wrong people, so our top priority was cleaning this up by ensuring that the right ads and the right keywords were targeting the right customer enquiries.

This included competitor research to see what they were doing, as well as creating a list of negative keywords to improve targeting and also make ongoing optimisation even more efficient. We also created goals and tags using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so we could measure their results.

So what happened next?

In the first month of their campaign, we matched their click volume of 2,500 clicks a month, but the number of leads increased by 500 enquiries.

As of May 2017, their campaign delivered 4,605 clicks in 30 days, which is an 80% increase. However, what’s most exciting is the cost per click, which dropped from $2.30 to $0.54.

So that’s an 80% increase in clicks for a quarter of the cost, and all of these clicks account for 56% of the traffic to their website.

How did this affect their business?

Well, their monthly online enquiries have increased by 230%.

Carline has recently become the preferred supplier of some of the biggest brands in the industry – Bosch, Penrite Oils, Repco, KYB, Redback and more.

Business is growing about 30% year on year, they have stores in nearly every town in Queensland and are growing rapidly in New South Wales and Victoria.

Simply put, with Sensis managing their Google AdWords campaign, Carline has been able to drive more of the right customers to their business, and the results speak for themselves.

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