We are sometimes asked how we manage the data – as in your contact details – sent to us by telecommunications service providers for publication.  At Sensis we adhere to the Privacy and Telecommunications Acts, and do our utmost to protect personal information.

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions to clarify any queries you may have.

Where does Sensis publish listings information?

Sensis publishes residential telephone directories under its White Pages® brand. It also publishes government and commercial listings under its White Pages® and Yellow Pages® brands, on its websites (including True Local® and Whereis®) and through other syndicated media sites.

Sensis also provides data for telephone directory assistance services supplied by many telecommunications service providers.

From where does Sensis collect its listing information?

Sensis collects information from a number of sources. A significant proportion of residential and business listing information is provided to us by telecoms service providers – the companies that provide you with your telephone or internet service.

How does Sensis process listings information?

Given the enormous volume of data created each day by people signing up for new telephone services, porting their numbers to new providers, changing the responsible person or cancelling a service, data is provided to Sensis in bulk and is mostly processed automatically.

Are there any rules that apply to the data Sensis receives?

Sensis relies on the telecoms service providers to send accurate and up to date information. One of our requirements is that Sensis is not sent silent line information unless it is a request to change from a published line to a silent number.

What if I ask for my phone number to change from a published line to a silent number?

In this instance Sensis requires the telecoms service provider to send the contact details so we may check against the request and ensure it is implemented correctly (ie that a listing be changed from a published line to a silent line).

What if Sensis is sent the wrong data (eg my line has not been made silent, or my residential address has been sent instead of my business address) for publication?

The quickest and safest way to have this corrected is to contact your telecoms service provider first and have them send Sensis the right information.

You can find the name of your telecoms service provider and their contact details on your most recent telephone invoice or their website.

If you don’t contact them, and contact Sensis first, there is a high risk that the same incorrect data will be sent to Sensis again, and it will overwrite any changes we have made in our own systems.

What if there is a risk to my safety because my silent line or other incorrect data has been published?

The quickest and safest way to have this corrected is to contact your telecoms service provider and ask them to urgently send Sensis the right information and request the change.

Although we can’t remove your details from any book that has already been printed (or dispatched for print), we can correct our online data and can update our records to remove the entry from any future print book.

It can take up to 2 business hours for a listing to be removed from directory assistance services, and 48 business hours from our online services.

Changes made to commercial listings will be reflected in the other syndicated media sites following their next data update from Sensis. This could take up to 7 days in most instances.