How to respond to negative reviews

Try as you might, it is hard to please everyone. Negative reviews can be hard to accept, but they provide feedback on how you can improve your service. Here are some tips on how you can respond to these negative reviews.

Ratings and Reviews for businesses appear on Yellow Pages® digital listings.  

If you would like to respond to a review that has been left for your business, here's what to do:

  • Navigate to your businesses profile page on Yellow Pages®
  • Underneath the reviews there will be an “Advertiser Response” link. Click this link
  • You will be prompted to either login if you have an existing account or register with us as the business owner
  • Once logged in, you can then submit your response to the review

We accept both positive and negative reviews, however request that they be authentic and helpful.  Remember not every business will get good reviews all the time. The best way to deal with negative reviews is to respond quickly and turn a negative into a positive. If appropriate, apologise for their experience, and address the issue. By doing this, people are likely to see a visible demonstration of how much you care about your customers satisfaction through your response and actions.

We will remove reviews that are both flagged as inappropriate and, in our opinion, contravene our Review Guidelines. This includes reviews that contain inappropriate content in contravention of the guidelines (such as unlawful content), reviews that appear to be fake or bias, or have been solicited using payments. If as an advertiser you believe that the review contravenes our guidelines, they should click the link next to each review “Flag as inappropriate”, login and provide details in the form describing why the review should be taken down.

Please read our Review Guidelines (as well as the Yellow Pages® Ratings and Reviews terms) on the Yellow Pages® site.

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