Yellow Pages Print

Every business is proud of what they’ve achieved. For us, it’s the Yellow Pages Book. Though we’ve now grown into many bigger things, it’s still a big part of who we are. After all, it’s been delivering Australian businesses directly to customers’ doors for over 80 years and still brings home strong results for our customers.

What are the Yellow Pages Book close dates?

Please check our current 2017/18 Yellow Pages book closing dates to be sure you lodge your advertisement with us in time.

You can check our next issue (2018/2019) closing dates here.

What is an Ad Size code?

An Ad Size code is a summary of the attributes of the print product you have purchased. Our Ad Size codes can be viewed here.

When can I make changes to my advertisement?

You can make changes up until the book closure date.

Will I get to proof read my advertisement?

Of course! You get the final sign-off on your advertisement before it goes in the book.

What are the guidelines for supplying artwork for my listing?

If you are supplying artwork for your Yellow Pages listing, please ensure that your files conform to our guideline:

Artwork Guidelines for Yellow Pages Awareness

Artwork Guidelines for Yellow Pages Display Advertising

Supplying files that align with these guidelines not only ensures we can publish your listing without delay, but ensures that your advertisement looks the best it possibly can.

Who can I contact to make a complaint about the delivery of phone books in my area?

You can contact our Book Orders team to make a complaint regarding distribution of our phone directories by emailing us at

How does Sensis manage my listing information?

We are sometimes asked how we manage the data – as in your contact details – sent to us by telecommunications service providers for publication.  At Sensis we adhere to the Privacy and Telecommunications Acts, and do our utmost to protect personal information.

Click to learn more about how Sensis manages listing information.