Yellow Pages Digital

Let us help you with your digital advertising.

Where will my advertising appear?

We can put you in front of customers no matter how they search. As well as being listed in the Yellow Pages online directory, we'll give your listing to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!7, mapping sites such as Whereis and Google maps, plus Voice Directories such as 1234 Call Connect and a range of other specialty sites. We'll also make sure your ad reaches customers using devices like smart phones and tablets.

What is the Targeting Add-on?

The targeting add-on allows your listing to be seen by customers in additional locations. These locations are defined by our advertising area codes, which can be viewed here. 

How can I track the effectiveness of my advertising?

Our monthly reports make it really easy to monitor the performance of your advertising. If you utilise our Sensis Call Tracking Program, we can measure the number of calls made to your business as a result of customers viewing your ad. There are lots of important statistics captured in your report, making it really simple to see a return on your investment.

Click for more FAQs about Call Tracking and Reporting.

How do I get a Free Ad in the Yellow Pages?

To request one, just click here. It’s that easy.

Once you’ve finished setting up your Free Ad, it’ll appear across a range of Sensis products. When looking for it in the Yellow Pages, you’ll be able to find it by searching for your industry.   

Please note: You can only request one Free Listing per business and address. This helps us make sure there are no double-ups in our online directory. Submitting a request for a Free Ad will not get you printed in the Yellow Pages book. If you would like to request a free Yellow Pages Print ad please call 1800 006 910.

If you choose to accept a Free Ad, this is subject to compliance with Sensis Advertising Rules, and is at Sensis’ absolute discretion.

How does Sensis manage my listing information?

We are sometimes asked how we manage the data – as in your contact details – sent to us by telecommunications service providers for publication.  At Sensis we adhere to the Privacy and Telecommunications Acts, and do our utmost to protect personal information.

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