White Pages Digital

How can I have my business listed in the White Pages directory?

To have you business listed in the White Pages you can complete a request for a Free Ad. 

Once you’ve finished setting up your Free Ad, it’ll appear across a range of Sensis products. 

Please note: You can only request one Free Listing per business and address. This helps us make sure there are no double-ups in our books, or online.

If you choose to accept a Free Ad, this is subject to compliance with Sensis Advertising Rules, and is at Sensis’ absolute discretion.

Alternatively you can contact White Pages Customer Care on 1800 810 211

How do I supply electronic artwork for my White Pages listing?

Sensis has developed specifications for electronic files to ensure the best quality is achieved from customer supplied electronic files. Meeting these standards helps ensure files are processed correctly the first time.

Please view our guidelines for supplying electronic artwork.

How can I make changes to my business listing in the White Pages directory?

You can contact White Pages Customer Care on 1800 810 211 to discuss changes to your listing details.

I am looking upgrade my business listing in the White Pages. What are my options?

Please see our White Pages Network Packages to see how we can enhance your exposure across our entire network.

How does Sensis manage my listing information?

We are sometimes asked how we manage the data – as in your contact details – sent to us by telecommunications service providers for publication.  At Sensis we adhere to the Privacy and Telecommunications Acts, and do our utmost to protect personal information.

Click to learn more about how Sensis manages listing information.