Sensis Free Ad

Get more eyeballs on your business with a Free Ad.

How do I get a Free Ad?

To request one, just click here. It’s that easy.

Once you’ve finished setting up your Free Ad, it’ll appear across a range of Sensis products.        

Please note: You can only request one Free Listing per business and address. This helps us make sure there are no double-ups in our books, or online.

If you choose to accept a Free Ad, this is subject to compliance with Sensis Advertising Rules, and is at Sensis’ absolute discretion.

Can I make changes to my Free Ad?

You can. And it’s easy.

When you first signed up for a Free Ad, you were also given access to myAccount.

Simply log in, click on your ad, and make the changes there. Your log in is the same email you signed up with. 

I’ve taken over a business that’s already advertised in the Yellow Pages. How can I make these existing ads mine?

First up, click here to search for your business.

Once you find it, tell us who you are and you’ll see an option to request to have the existing ads put in your name.

We’ll check a few things over with the past owner, and if everything’s in order, the ads will become yours. Then you can do with them as you please.

I need to make changes to ads for the company I work for. How do I become an admin?

Simply click here to search for the business you work for.

Once you find it, tell us who you are and you’ll see an option to request admin access.

From there, we’ll check a few things over with the current administrator (your boss, or similar). If they’re happy for you to be an admin, we’ll let you know.
Then you can make the changes you need.

How do I upgrade my Free Ad? And what do I get?

Depending on the upgrade you choose, you can add images, logos, promotions and even videos to your ad. These can help you stand out against competitors,
and improve your ranking on Google.

To check out all the options, just click here.

Once you’ve chosen the right upgrade for your business, just give our experts a call on 1800 006 910. They’ll get you set up.