Sensis Search Ads

When it comes to digital marketing, you need more than just a website to showcase your business.

You need customers to be able to find it. That's why at Sensis, we can help put your business in all the places your customers are looking - like Google™ and Bing™.

How is Sensis Search Ads different to other search engine marketing resellers?

With Sensis Search Ads your business appears across Australia's leading search engine networks including Google and Bing, giving your business even more exposure.

However, if you are new to SEM and happy to just target customers across the Google network, Sensis Search Ads is an affordable, fully packaged solution that could suit your business.

You’re listed as a Google Premier Partner. What’s that?

A Google Premier Partner is an agency that’s been recognised and certified by Google.

Google sets out a range of training certification and company performance requirements for companies who offer SEM.

At Sensis, we work hard to meet them so you have the best chance at staying ahead of the game, up to date with SEM, and appear prominently when customers search across search engines.

It’s important to remember, not everyone’s certified. Keep your eye out for the partnership logo when looking for a provider so you know you’re working with experts.

Find out more about Sensis being a Google Premier Partner.

Will my ad be on Google 24/7?

Ads will appear online, until their daily budget is exhausted. Our bidding systems interact with the search engines multiple times per day to ensure your campaign is best delivering to its budget.

Please note there are a number of factors that influence how quickly a budget can be exhausted, these factors can include competitive industries, keywords and cost per click.

Is search engine marketing difficult to run?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be time intensive and requires constant monitoring to achieve the results you want. With Sensis Search Ads our Community Managers will do all the hard work for you in setting up and optimising your SEM campaign, so you can concentrate on running your business.

How do I know which keywords to buy?

Our Community Managers are Google™ AdWords certified experts. They'll choose the most relevant keywords based on your business needs and what your customers are searching for, then bid for those keywords on your behalf on a fixed monthly spend.

Can I target specific customers with Search Engine Marketing?

Yes. SEM is a highly targeted digital marketing solution. With Sensis Search Ads you can target customers by keywords, areas and products/ services to suit your specific needs.

I’m only a small business, can I still use Sensis Search Ads?

We’ve designed a range of exciting SEM packages and budgets to cater for all business sizes.

What if I don't use up my monthly media budget?

With Sensis Search Ads, your monthly cost is fixed so there are no surprises. Any unused media budget will rollover to the next month.

Is there anybody I can talk to if I have any questions about my account or want to alter my campaign?

Of course. Customers can talk to a dedicated Customer Care Consultant over the phone if they have any queries on 1800 610 977.

How do I keep track of my results?

Each month you will be sent a report detailing the performance of your campaign. From how many times your ad has been viewed on search engines to how many clicks have been delivered from your ad to your website. With Dynamic Website Tracking, we can also help track how many phone calls you have received from your SEM campaign.

For our customers, there is an Online Reporting Tool that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that will show you day-by-day click reports, your most popular keywords and activity charts relating to your SEM campaign.

If you're an existing Search Ads customer you can access this information via the online Merchant Centre.

What happened to the old Sensis ClickManager product name?

We’ve simplified our products and services to make everything easier to understand. As a part of this process, from 6 February 2015 all ClickManager products have been renamed ‘Sensis Search Ads’.

The only thing that has changed is the name - you can still expect the same high standard of service and results as before.

Search Ads is a Sensis SEM Product for the purposes of the Product Contract Terms.