Advertiser Performance Reporting

We've answered some of the most Frequently Asked Questions below and in the categories on the left, however if you can't find your answer, please contact us on 13 23 78.

What is Advertiser Performance Reporting?

Advertiser Performance Reporting lets you determine how your advertising campaign is performing.

Our Advertising Performance Reports include results recorded across Yellow Pages and selected True Local properties, as well as selected external sites in the Sensis Network. If you have purchased Sensis Search Engine Marketing, results for these products are also captured in this report.

What is the Sensis Network?

The Sensis Network is a group of digital sites and channels on which an advertiser’s contact details could be found on or from, for example Bing, WhereIs, and Yahoo7 Mobile.

When does my reporting begin?

For digital products, we will report in the month following your product going live.

For Call Tracking results, please refer to the Call Tracking FAQ section here.

Is the Sensis Network covered in the reports?

Yes, it is. However, not all sites and channels within the Sensis Network are included. For example, we do not currently get data from Google.

Who is included and excluded from my reporting? Is Sensis employee activity included in my reports?

Where possible, Sensis employee IP addresses are excluded from reporting. If a Sensis employee uses Yellow Pages data outside of a Sensis IP address (eg. when not logged in via VPN or via a Telstra mobile), then these events cannot be excluded.

How do you ensure that my data is accurate?

We have a number of quality assurance controls and a quarantining process in place to ensure that when reports are released, they meet the data standards we require.