Your Performance Snapshot

‘Your Performance Snapshot’ provides a view of your advertising performance. At a glance you can see the number of times your listing appeared in searches (appearances), the number of times your listing was clicked for more information (interactions) and the number of times your business was contacted (leads), useful information for evaluating your ad’s effectiveness.

How can I set up my preferences for receiving the report?

Please either let your Media Sales Advisor or Customer Care consultant know.

How frequently is the report provided?

Snapshots are updated and provided via email monthly. They are prepared at the end of each calendar month and are distributed approximately 5-10 working days after that time.

Is data from Google included in the report?

No, Appearances of your Yellow Pages listing on Google are not included in the Snapshot. However, any visits to the advertiser’s Yellow Pages Business Profile Page as a result of finding it via Google will be reportable. Also, if the advertiser participates in the Call Tracking program, their call tracking number may appear in a Google search result or Google Places page and phone calls to that call tracking number will also be reportable.