Call Tracking

Yellow Pages Call Tracking Program is a simple way to measure the effectiveness of your Yellow Pages advertising. We've answered the most Frequently Asked Questions below, however if you can't find your answer, please contact us on 13 23 78.

What is Call Tracking?

Yellow Pages Call Tracking (formerly known as the Metered Ads program) is a program designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your Yellow Pages advertising.

By publishing a unique phone number (Tracked Number) within your advertisement, Sensis can monitor how many customers are calling your business in response to your Yellow Pages advertisements. Calls made to your Tracked Number are forwarded to your normal business number.

You still keep your normal phone number and any calls made directly to that number will still get through as they usually would. The Tracked Number is simply an additional number that is managed by us.

Setting up Call Tracking

How much does the Yellow Pages Call Tracking Program cost?

Participation in the program is absolutely free.  Any set up and diversion costs are covered by Sensis.  If you choose to forward your business phone calls from your primary landline number to another phone number (i.e. a mobile phone number), then the cost of call forwarding is not covered by Sensis.

Which Yellow Pages products can I track calls on?

You can track calls on the following Yellow Pages print products (Metropolitan, Regional, Local and In The Car directories): Display Advertising, Target Entries, Awareness Products, Space Entries, Trade Entries and paid Line Entries.  Additional Business Entries, Caption Entries, and First Entries may only be tracked if they form part of an eligible paid print product.

Can I choose my own tracked number?

No. Numbers are randomly allocated to each customer via an automated service.

Which types of telephone numbers cannot be tracked?

Sensis cannot track:

  • 1800 & 13 numbers (as opposed to 1300 numbers)
  • Any landline numbers with exchange based diversions (as this would result in “double diversion”)
  • Multiple Number and Duet Phone & Fax Multiple Number (due to issues with distinctive ring)
  • FaxBank
  • ADSL numbers
  • Centel Plus & Centel Business Essentials numbers
  • Line Hunt numbers
  • ISDN numbers
  • Remote Access numbers
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers

Which numbers can I track in my Yellow Pages advertisements?

All landline, mobile and 1300 numbers appearing in your advertisement must be tracked or be removed.  This is essential so Sensis captures as many calls generated by your advertisement as possible. For Digital advertisements, only the main contact number within each Yellow Pages Digital advertisement may be tracked.  Any other business contacts (eg. After Hours, Free call) you publish cannot be tracked.

Can I track a mobile number?

Yes. A unique mobile tracked number will be allocated to replace and divert to your mobile number.

It is important to note that tracked mobile numbers will only divert voice calls to the advertiser’s usual mobile number. Any SMS or MMS made to a tracked mobile number cannot be diverted from the tracked number to the advertiser.  The user will not be notified of the SMS/MMS delivery failure nor be directed to contact the tracked number directly.

My main contact number is a 1800 or 13 number can I still track calls from my ad?

No, unfortunately Sensis is unable to support tracking of these services.

Can I include my regular phone number(s), own 13 or 1800 number, as well as the tracked phone number in my Yellow Pages ad?

To ensure that all calls generated by your tracked Yellow Pages advertisement are captured it is strongly recommended that you remove any 13 or 1800 numbers, however, as Sensis currently cannot offer tracking of these numbers they may remain within the ad at your discretion.

It is important that you understand if you choose to publish non-tracked numbers your results may be understated, as any calls made to these numbers will not be tracked.

Will my landline tracked number have the same prefix as my business number?

Landline tracked numbers are allocated from the same geographic area as your normal business number. However, we cannot guarantee that the tracked number provided will have the same prefix as your business number.

Where can you divert my landline tracked number?

All landline tracked numbers must divert to a fixed landline answer point

Where can you divert my mobile tracked number?

All mobile tracked numbers must be diverted to an active mobile number answer point.

Where can you divert my 1300 tracked number?

As it is not possible to divert a 1300 number directly to another 1300 number, a fixed landline must be supplied for diverting purposes.

Can I use my tracked number in other Sensis products or in any other advertising or promotional material?

No.  In order for Yellow Pages® Call Tracking to effectively monitor the calls Yellow Pages is delivering from your advertisement(s), you must not use the unique tracked number(s) anywhere else.  In some cases tracked numbers may be used across different eligible advertisements and will be re-used at the discretion of Yellow Pages Call Tracking.

Can I apply for a tracked number if I'm waiting for my phone line to be connected?

No.  In order to setup a tracked number we require an active phone line to divert to.

Can I use the same tracked number every year?

Yes, tracked numbers will now be allocated to advertisers for the continuous life of their advertisement.  Should you alter your advertising in such a way that it is considered a new product, a new tracked number maybe be allocated to you unless you request otherwise and Sensis is technically able to fulfil your request to retain the same number.

Can I have more than one tracked number in my ad?

Yes. We replace all eligible numbers (1300, landline and mobiles) in your ad with tracked numbers.

I only have one business number but publish it multiple times within my ad for different services (eg. Sales, Service, Spares). Can I request different tracked numbers for each service?

No.  A tracked phone number will be allocated to replace each unique phone number within a nominated advertisement. The tracked number will replace your regular business number wherever it appears within your advertisement.

I currently advertise in multiple headings in the Melbourne Yellow Pages Book. Can I request one tracked number for all of my ads?

No, tracked numbers cannot be reused across different advertisements. Sensis will assign unique tracked numbers for each advertisement.

Where will the tracked phone number(s) in my digital advertisement(s) appear?

The tracked phone number's primary appearance will be in your tracked Yellow Pages® Digital advertisement(s). The tracked number(s) will also appear wherever your regular business number(s) can appear as a result of your Yellow Pages® Digital advertising.  This includes Search Engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! 7); Mapping Sites (such as Google Maps, Bing Maps); Mobile Partners (such as Yahoo!7 Mobile, Google Maps Mobile and Whereis® Mobile); Sensis® (1234 & Call Connect, Whereis®, and Sensis® Mobile) and Yellow Pages® Mobile sites.

I have purchased Yellow Pages Digital Target Media (to target additional areas that my business also services), how will this work with the tracked number(s)?

Sensis will capture all of the phone calls that the tracked phone numbers in your tracked Yellow Pages Digital advertisement(s) has generated; this includes the phone calls received from any additional areas you have targeted with Yellow Pages Target Media.  If you have purchased Target Media for your tracked Yellow Pages Digital advertisement(s) the reports you will receive will combine the phone calls generated across all of your targeted locations.

Making changes to Call Tracking

What happens if I move location? Can I have my landline tracked number diverted?

Tracked landline numbers in some instances can be redirected to a new contact number.  Any request to update a diversion will require verification to ensure the change request is valid.  The diversions can only be changed if the new answer point is within the geographical boundary defined for your number.

I've changed my mobile number - can I have my tracked mobile diverted to this new number?

Yes.  You may divert your tracked mobile number to any active mobile number.

I'd like to update the landline number my 1300 tracked number diverts to - is this possible?

Yes.  You may divert your 1300 tracked number to any fixed landline of your choosing.

Cancelling Call Tracking

Can I keep the number at the end of the program?

Before the tracked number allocated to you is disconnected, you can ask Sensis have that number transferred to you, however Sensis is not obliged to transfer tracked numbers to you

I recently cancelled my tracked advertising but have changed my mind. Can I have my old tracked number back?

No, unfortunately, once a tracked number has been cancelled you'll need to reapply for the program and a new tracked number will be assigned.

What happens to my tracked advertisement(s) if I decided to cancel my Yellow Pages Call Tracking or my advertisements?

All tracked numbers will be removed from your tracked Yellow PagesDigital advertisement(s) and be replaced by your regular business phone number(s).

Diversions will stay in place for any Print Advertisements until 16 weeks after the complete distribution of the next issue of the Yellow Pages book in which your ad appeared. After this, Telstra will disconnect all tracked landline numbers. Tracked 1300 and mobile numbers will be redirected to a voice message directing customers to the current directory.  This process occurs automatically.

Results and Reporting

What does Sensis do with my tracked results?

The results are used to help you understand and improve the effectiveness of your advertising and may be included in reports and other marketing material, in accordance with the Sensis Product Contract Terms. Sensis also uses the data to drive product enhancements and new product development.

Where will my results be reported?

All calls tracked are included in your monthly performance reporting, giving you the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising program.  Results may also be included in Sensis marketing material and collateral.

Where can I get my Reports?

You can opt to have the report sent via email. Just ask your Media Sales Advisor.

When does the reporting period start?

The reporting period for printed advertisements begins within 6 weeks of the Book distribution being completed.  For Digital products the reporting period will begin from the time your tracked number is first published.

How long is the reporting period? When will it end?

For Print advertisements the tracked number is reported for a minimum of 12 months.  Digital advertisements will be reported on from the time the tracked number is first published until the time the you cancel your tracking and/or advertisement. We can provide monthly reports for this period, detailing how many calls the number in your Yellow Pages advertisement program delivered to your business.  Sensis will continue to include your Call Tracking results in your Advertiser Performance Reporting until you request to cancel your tracking or your advertising.