Our values make us a company people are proud to work for

It’s an exciting time to join Sensis. We’re transforming into a nimbler, smarter company with a focus on customers, and happy, appreciated staff. From our CEO to the people who say hello at reception, we all believe in the five Sensis values. That’s customer, transparency, simplicity, innovation and financial accountability.


We put our customers first. This means we recommend the right solution, not just any solution. We take time to listen to our customers, to understand and to work out how we can best meet (and exceed) their marketing needs.


We’re here to make things simple – for customers, and ourselves. We’re striving to take down red tape, streamline processes, and simplify our services. We’re here to make sure people get exactly what they need, when they need it.


Sensis is about finding new ways to improve marketing solutions. We focus on designing, building, developing and delivering industry-leading solutions that work every time.


We’re open and honest. Straight-talking and straight-shooting. We strive for customers and staff to feel trust in their team. We act honestly and openly to minimise surprises and maximise relationships. 

Financial accountability

Before we make decisions, we ask: ‘What would I do if it was my money on the line?’. This helps us make the right decisions for our business.