It’s an exciting time to join Sensis. We’re transforming into a nimbler, smarter company with a focus on customers, and happy staff.

From our CEO to the people who say ‘hi’ at reception, we all live and breathe our five Sensis values. Here’s what they’re about:


We put our customers first. This means we recommend the right solution (not just any solution) so we can meet (and exceed) their marketing needs.


We’re here to make things simple – for customers, and ourselves. We’re striving to take down red tape, streamline processes, and simplify our services.


We’re open and honest. Straight-talking and straight-shooting. We strive for customers and staff to feel trust in their team.

Financial accountability

Before we make decisions, we ask: ‘What would I do if it was my money on the line?’. This helps us make the right decisions for our business.


We focus on designing, building, developing and delivering industry-leading solutions that work every time.