Trade Marketing’s here to help promote the business, plus educate new and upcoming customers about our products and services.

Day to day, the team is responsible for the all-important job of managing and creating new relationships with customers.

To do this, they strategise, plan, build and send communications to customers and the public. The results include mail-outs, events, digital ads, websites, print ads, emails, TV and radio ads, and more.

There’s a range of different roles in the marketing team, including customer relationship and experience managers, sales and service teams, insight analysts, strategists, e-Channel specialists, creative teams and event planners. So there’s plenty for you to get your hands on.

Work in Trade Marketing, and you’ll:

  • Hear new ideas (and be encouraged to speak up if you have one)
  • Help find solutions to problems big and small
  • Learn to communicate openly
  • Have fun (we’re at work for too many hours not to)
Trade Marketing

Our Product Development and Management team is here to reinvent the way Aussies connect.

From developing new ways to help our customers, to innovating with upcoming technology, our role at Sensis is always exciting, and ever-changing.

Join our team, and you’ll get your hands on a range of projects including websites, social media advertising, White Pages and Yellow Pages online. We’ll rotate you around the business so you can try something different every day.

The best part? A graduate position in Products suits a range of degrees. So if you have a digital-first mindset, and have studied business, commerce, economics, marketing, IT or computer science, we’d love to hear from you.

Work in Products, and you’ll:

  • Live and breathe digital technology
  • Have the chance to work on a range of Sensis products
  • Develop experience across products, user experience, search and discovery, innovation, sales and operations
Product Development and Management

The Sensis Finance department is the perfect place to start your journey as a future business leader. You’ll learn it all – from financial accounting to planning and analysis, management accounting, business partnering and more.

Choose to join our team, and you’ll get your hands on each of these areas, as we rotate you around various areas of the business to help you learn and grow.

But it doesn’t stop there, work in finance, and you’ll even have the opportunity to get support to complete your CA, or CPA.

If you’re in your final year of accounting, commerce or a business-related degree, we’d love to hear from you.

Work in Finance, and you’ll:

  • Learn to apply your financial know-how in a big business
  • Get the chance to partner with different departments
  • Enjoy a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
  • Have the chance to further your qualifications

The Sensis Information Technology team work hard and fast to develop the latest in tech, including cutting edge apps – bringing them to life across Australia.

From lean product development, to DevOps, AWS, test and deployment and automation, a graduate position with Sensis IT lets you to put your tech passion to use in a range of areas.

Join our team, and you’ll get a chance to problem solve across the entire department, trying something different every day.

If you’ve studied IT, IT/Commerce or Computer Science and are ready to hit the ground running, we’d love to hear from you.

Work in Information Technology, and you’ll:

  • Learn from acclaimed IT thought leaders
  • Collaborate with different groups
  • Work on a variety of tech challenges
Information Technology