To apply for the Sensis Graduate Program, you must:

  • Have evidence of an Australian or New Zealand Citizenship or Permanent Residency at the time you submit your application.
  • Be in the final year of study for a university undergraduate or postgraduate degree, or have graduated in the last 24 months.
  • Have a minimum 65% grade point average.

What else do we look for?

We’re developing future leaders, so we look at more than just good grades. Things that might help your application include:

  • Life experience, including work, travel, community and charity projects
  • Examples of overcoming challenges
  • The ability to get along with and inspire others
  • An open and honest personality
  • Strong written and verbal skills
Selection criteria

It’s normal to feel a little nervous when applying for your first job after uni. But try not to worry.

These three steps can help you feel confident in your application, and ready to take on the world of Sensis.


1. Prepare

While grades are important, we’d also like you to think about why you’re interested in a career at Sensis – and what area you’d like to be a part of.

2. Be yourself

Be proud of what sets you apart, drives and motivates you. We’re interested in the real you, so don’t hold back.

3. Relax

Trust yourself and the application process.  You know what you’re looking for, and so do we.  If it’s the right fit, it’ll happen. And if it isn’t, there’ll be something else on your horizon.

Application tips

There are five steps in the application process– a form, online assessment, digital interview, group assessment, plus a final in-person interview.

For now, all you need to do is submit your application form. From there, we’ll be in touch.


Application form

Give yourself 30 minutes to finish your application. We’ll ask questions about your studies, experience and motivation for applying. You’ll also need to give us:

  • 100 points of ID
  • Evidence of your right to work in Australia
  • Your graduate certificate (or proof of study if you’re still at uni)
  • Your CV
  • University and work references

Remember to take your time. This is your first chance to stand out.


Online assessment

If your application’s a knockout, you’ll be invited to have a go at two online assessments. These will measure your verbal reasoning and customer service skills.


Digital interview

If you’re successful with stages one and two, you’ll be invited to a short, recorded digital interview. 

This interview’s online, so you can do it from home, work –just about anywhere. Simply be yourself, and let your personality shine.


Group assessment and final interview

If you’ve made it this far, congrats.

The final stage comes in two parts, a group assessment, and then an interview with your potential manager.


The group assessment

This is designed to be fun and interactive, so try not to worry. Dress to impress and be prepared to enjoy yourself. 


Final interview

This will be a 45-minute chat with our business leaders. They’ll ask about your career ambitions, tech knowledge (if that’s the area you see yourself in) and personality.

They’ll also ask some behavioural questions to see how you might interact in situations around the office.

If you’re successful, get ready to come aboard. Our recruitment team will look after your reference and ID checks. Once you have the all clear, you’ll receive your contract, and be welcomed into the Sensis family.

Application process

Monday 6 Feb:          Applications open

Monday 6 March:       Online assessments begin

Friday 31 March:        Applications close

May/June:                  Interviews and offers

Application dates