Our Yellow Pages® and White Pages® books have been a feature of Australian communities for more than 130 years. Every year nearly all Australian households and businesses use our directories to connect with businesses, services, government departments, individuals and local information.

Our commitment to a sustainable future means we make decisions that consider the environmental and community impact, as well as the cost.

We also allow a huge range of community organisations to raise funds by delivering White Pages® and Yellow Pages® books. In fact in 2008–09, around 600 community organisations delivered more than 3.5 million directories across Australia.

What’s my directory made of?

On average, 40 per cent of the fiber content of the paper is recycled paper fiber and 27 per cent is recycled timber mill waste. As far as covers, tabs and bookmarks go, on average, 29 per cent of the fiber content is recycled paper fiber and 40 per cent is recycled timber mill waste.

Are my print directories recyclable?

Yes, in most areas of Australia you can recycle your directories through garbage collection and/or commercial paper recycling. Businesses can include old directories in your Visy paper and cardboard recycling service. Call Visy Recycling on 1300 368 479 or visit the Visy recycling website for more information.

When we started our Directory Recycling Program in 1999, just four per cent of print directories were recycled or reused. In 2010, 98* per cent of Australians surveyed recycled (85%) or reused (13%) their directories.

As well as using recycled materials in our print directories, we also recycle leftover paper materials from our production processes into things like insulation and kitty litter.

What if I don’t want the print directory to be delivered anymore?

No problem. Simply call 1800 008 292 or visit www.directoryselect.com.au to order books or cancel delivery.

* Results excluded the proportion of respondents who indicated they had not disposed of, recycled or re-used their directories.