Our values

Our purpose and values

Hello. Here are some things we’d like to let you know about Sensis.

At our heart, we're a people business. And we’re all about keeping things simple, for our advertisers and our users.

Sensis is Australia’s #1 marketing services company; your no-nonsense, straight-talking marketing services solution.

Our purpose is to deliver engaged consumers to Australian businesses. We’re committed to you, our customers and users.

To support this, we’ve committed ourselves to five company values. These are the principles we adhere to in our day-to-day operations to make sure we deliver lasting results and great value, simply and effectively time and time again.

Our values are:

  • Customer

    We put the customer first. That means we’ll recommend the right solution, not just any solution. We take time to listen to our customers, to understand them and work out how we can best solve their marketing objectives.

  • Simplification

    Our intention is to make things simpler for our customers and ourselves. We’re striving to remove unnecessary red tape, streamline our processes and simplify our products and services to make sure our customers and users get what they need when they need it.

  • Innovation

    We’re all about finding new ways to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. We’re not about the bleeding edge; we’re about designing, building and delivering industry-leading solutions. Which work every time.

  • Transparency

    We’ll be transparent, open and honest. We’ll be straight-talking, straight-shooting and straight down the line. We’ll act honestly and openly to minimise any surprises.

  • Financial accountability

    Before we make a decision we ask ourselves: what would I do if it was my money on the line? We’ll consider the impact of our actions and make recommendations to our customers that meet their marketing and fiscal needs.