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Number of Australians on social media 


  • Almost eight in 10 people (79%) now use social media, which is 10 points higher than last year.  
Aussies on social media

What people are doing on social media


  • 45% have taken a selfie and this is more common among males (47% vs 43%) and 18-29 year olds (88%).
  • Four in 10 have posted a photo of their food on social media and this is more common among males (43% vs 38%) and 18-29 year olds (82%). 
  • One in 3 people have felt excited when their post has received more likes on social media than usual. The number doubles among 18-29 year olds where six in 10 (63%) have felt this way.
Aussies taking selfies

The impact of social media


  • 15% have felt anxious when unable to access their social media accounts and this number is significantly higher among 18-29 year olds (37%).
  • Almost 2 in 10 (19%) are happy to check social media while eating with family or friends, with 30-39 year olds the biggest culprits (33%).
  • 11% have worried their social media footprint might one day come back to bite them, with 30-39 year olds the most likely to feel this way (15%). 


Frequency of use


  • More than a third of people now access social media more than five times per day (35%), which is up from 26% last year. Among 18-29 year olds 89% check-in at least once per day.

Most popular times


  • In the evening (up from 49% to 57%) and first thing in the morning (up from 49% to 57%) have become even more popular and are the most popular times for using social media.
  • Almost half are now accessing social media on their break (up from 33% to 47%) or at lunchtime (up from 36% to 47%).
When we socially network

The most popular platforms


  • Visual platforms continue to grow in popularity, with Instagram seeing a 15 point jump in users (from 31% to 46%). Snapchat saw the biggest growth, with usage almost doubling from 22% to 40% this year. Twitter has also seen a surge in usage, up from 19% to 32%.
  • However, Facebook remains the most popular, with 94% of social media users on the platform. 
Sites we use

Where people are using social media


  • The most popular place to use social media continues to be in the home (96%), with the lounge room (up from 69% to 84%), bedroom (up from 42% to 59%) and kitchen (up from 22% to 34%) increasing in popularity. 
Social media at home
  • Outside of the home usage on public transport (up from 25% to 43%), in restaurants, bars and parties (up from 19% to 33%) and in the car (up from 20% to 37%) has become more common.
  • More than a third (35%) are accessing social media at work. 
Where people check social media

How do men and women compare on social?


  • On average males have more friends than females on social media (522 vs 418).
  • Males are more likely to use social media in most places such as at work (38% vs 32%) or on public transport (47% vs 39%). Inside the home they are more likely to use social media on the toilet (17% vs 12%) and in the bedroom (64% vs 54%).

Did you know..?

Metro vs Regional


  • People in regional areas are more likely to have witnessed bullying or harassment on social media (23% vs 15%) and are more than twice as likely to have been bullied themselves (9% vs 4%).  
Metro vs Regional

How the different age groups compare

  • Among 18-29 year olds social media is often the first and last thing they do every day, with eight in 10 (79%) accessing social media first thing in the morning and almost two thirds (65%) last thing before they go to bed.
  • Pretty much everyone aged 18-29 is on social media (99%), while less than half of those aged 65+ are on social media (47%).   
Usage by age

Consumer preferences


  • Almost a quarter (24%) of people use social media to follow brands or businesses, and this is even higher among females (27% vs 21%) and those aged 30-39 (41%).
  • Consumers are particularly keen on discounts (54%) and give-aways (48%) from the brands or businesses they follow.
  • Consumers are increasingly accessing social media on their smartphone (up from 72% to 81%).


What makes consumers trust a brand


  • Almost two thirds of consumers (64%) will be more likely to trust a brand if they interact with consumers in a positive way on social media. This is up 12 points this year. 
Trust in brands

Businesses with a social media presence


  • 47% of SMBs are now on social media, which is similar to last year (48%). This compares to 79% of consumers.
Consumer vs Businesses
  • For small businesses, the number has dropped 1 point to 47%.
  • For medium businesses, the number has dropped 5 points to 49%.
  • For large businesses, the number has dropped 19 points to 60%.
Businesses on social by size

Platforms businesses are using


  • Of those businesses with a social presence, Facebook is the most popular, used by around 9 in 10 of every size business.
  • LinkedIn is the second most popular platform, used by a majority of large businesses (82%), 41% of medium size businesses and 35% of small businesses.
  • Twitter increases in popularity with business size, from 24% of small businesses to 36% of medium size businesses and 55% of large businesses.
  • Instagram is more prevalent in medium (39%) than small (19%) or large (20%) businesses.


Use of incentives and discounts


  • The majority of businesses remain unlikely to offer incentives such as discounts and coupons via social media (29% small, 25% medium, 17% large), even though they have appeal to consumers.
  • Among businesses offering incentives, discounts are the most common offer from small businesses (84%), while it is give-aways for medium size businesses (70%) and discounts for large businesses (80%).


Social media strategy


  • An increasing number of businesses have a social media strategy. Large businesses lead the way, with 90% now having a strategy (up from 76%).
  • SMBs lag behind but there has been an improvement this year, up from 31% to 40% among small businesses and from 36% to 43% for medium businesses.


Advertising on social media


  • Advertising on social media has become more popular among small (up from 20% to 26%) and medium (up from 27% to 35%) size businesses this year, although large businesses still lead the way (42%).
  • For those businesses that advertise on social Facebook remains easily the most preferred channel (90% small, 62% medium, 100% large). LinkedIn (20%) and Twitter (24%) are also common among large businesses, while the same is true for Instagram (23%) among medium size businesses.


Businesses that pay to advertise

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